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Overcoming Seller Hesitation


Some sellers are still hesitating on moving forward with the selling process in large part due to two key reasons. Safety and they don't know where they're going to move next.

When COVID started back in March most of us were on top of it. We had the health questionnaire and protocols in place for buyers and sellers. We were really clear with buyers and sellers about how we were keeping them safe. But as time has passed and the real estate market has ramped up the message has faded. We don't see as many agents having those conversations and especially not having conversations in their marketing.

Now is the time to dive back and start talking about safety and protocols. Keep marketing around safety in your social media, in your flyers, in your campaigns, and on your website. Lay it out for your buyers and sellers. Show potential sellers with photos and video that what you are doing to keep them safe during showing. Show yourself with opening doors, widows,...

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5 Ways to Connect with the Biggest Group of Buyers (and Sellers) in History


53% of all real estate sales are now being done with a Millennial. Yes, the millennial generation is actually a bigger generation, a more powerful generation, than the Baby Boomer Generation. Millennials are buying and selling homes. Because of this we have to shift our attention and ask ourselves:

 "How can I market myself to this huge demographic, this massive group of people?"

The answer? By becoming a better marketer and really focusing in on what is it going to take to attract and keep millennial clients engaged.

Here are 5 Ways to Engage with the Millennial Audience:

1) Use Social Media. Obviously social media is where millennials spend most of their time. To connect we need to be posting 5 to 10 times a week on social media on places like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat. Yes, there are a lot of different platforms out there. Pick the ones that you're going to use and then stretch and keep stretching...

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Podcast # 13 Become Micro-Famous to the Right People Featuring Matt Johnson


During this Podcast we have Matt Johnson author of the new book - MicroFamous: Become Famously Influential to the Right People. Matt is a real estate industry veteran who has worked with some of the most influential industry leaders in the real estate business. He is also the co-host of the wildly popular Real Estate Uncensored podcast.

During this episode we dive into some of the concepts and strategies for creating influence within your core audience group.

As Matt points out "Right now, there is a group of people running a simple, profitable business without being glued to their phones, their social media, or their marketing strategies. What’s their secret? They have become famously influential to the right people. And so can you!"

During this episode we dive deep into tactical real world strategies for creating powerful, meaningful connections with your database and the POWER Centers in your community.

In a world of influencers and social media...

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Legacy For Sale By Owners

What is a Legacy FSBO?

This is someone that put their house on the market but then they got cold feet, or they got tired, or maybe frustrated so they removed their yard sign and threw in the towel.....but they forgot to remove their listing from all the places they may listed their home, places like, and others. (Google FSBO's in your city for a complete list of sites that may contain Legacy FSBO's)

This provides you with a unique opportunity to reach out to these potential sellers. For instance you might say something simple like:

"Hey, I just was doing some deep research in your neighborhood this morning and I noticed you had your home on the market last June. Just a quick question, would you still consider selling to a cash buyer? Would you still consider selling for the right price? Would you still consider selling to a qualified buyer? Because I've got a really strong group of buyers that are out in the marketplace looking right now. If you've ever considered, still...

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Quick Tip: Talking About Commissions

My friend and superstar REALTOR Adam McGrew recently shared a unique concept that he uses when talking commissions with sellers. He focuses his script around what the competition is offering and how the seller can be more competitive in the market.

His first step is to print a map of the area along with a list of properties that are currently for sale near the new listing. He then researches the compensation offered to buyers agents and highlights this information in his presentation. Next he asks the seller a simple question "So, you do want to be competitive, right?"

Not only do most sellers want to match the current compensation offered to buyers agents in the market, many want to incentivize buyers agents and encourage more showings by offering a higher compensation percentage.

Watch the video for more details...

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10 Things We have Learned (so far) Living through a Natural Disaster...

As many of you are aware my wife and I live in Southern Oregon, over the past several weeks the entire West Coast has been ravaged by Wildfires. In our area two fires touched our lives. The first was the Alameda fire which burned through the towns of Phoenix and Talent Oregon and touched areas of Medford, Oregon. The second was the Obenchain Fire which caused a level 2 evacuation of where our personal home was located.

The outcome of these fires is that 2300 homes have been lost with hundreds of families displaced. While our personal home was safe, we did end up losing three duplexes to the Alameda Fire. These properties were in the center of a densely populated area where you would never think a wildfire would touch the structures. The good news is that our tenants all made it out safe (with literally minutes to spare) and we are insured for the losses.

10 Things We Have Learned Living Through a Natural Disaster:

  • Have a Go Bag Ready – It’s been in the back of my mind...
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Pre-listing Letter + First Person Perspective: A Twist on Traditional Marketing

Most of us have sent a just-listed/sold/pending postcard to a neighborhood. These can be an effective way to touch more potential sellers and unlock new listings.

But what if we had a different twist on this traditional marketing approach, that is more effective? Here are two different techniques which may dramatically improve your results: 

The first is a pre-listing letter that you send out before you launch your next listing. Let's assume your sellers have given you permission to put their home on the market but strategically you are doing a coming soon campaign so you have a few days before the listing goes live in the MLS. This is a perfect time to do a pre-listing letter which will say something like:

"I will be marketing a new listing in you neighborhood in the next few days. As a courtesy I wanted to let you know will see some some increased activity. Also because I've done a ton of research in the area I thought I would reach out to you and offer my services. If...

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Podcast: Joseph Sesso - Secrets of Top Selling Agents

 It was an honor to have Joe Sesso on our eRealEstateCoach podcast program! Joe is the National Speaker and National Sales Director for

Since 2008 Joe has traveled the country speaking to more than 35,000 real estate professionals in 49 states on how to sell more real estate and build independent wealth using proven sales techniques and technology.

During the show we discussed his latest book - Secrets of Top Selling Agents featuring Alexis Bolin, Dirk Zeller, Michael J. Maher, Leigh Thomas Brown, Marki Lemons-Ryhal, Sherri Johnson and the late Howard Brinton! Joe was even kind enough to allow me to contribute a chapter to the book focused on For Sale By Owners! 

Get ready to learn the best habits, mindsets, and tactics of super producer's in real estate.

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Quick Tip: Two Negotiation Strategies for Tough Sellers



Recently a coaching student come to me and had a question about negotiation because they had a really good cash offer on a higher tier property. They knew the seller wasn't going to be excited necessarily about the offer because it was less than full price.

Here were my two quick strategies:

First look and see how many homes have gone pending in your listings price range last month, it turns out in her case out only four had done so because of the price point. My suggestion was to point that out to the seller, for instance she could say:

"Listen in the entire MLS only four properties in your price range went pending last month. So this is a great opportunity! Very few sellers are even receiving offers - its' great news that we received an offer!"

Second look at the average price that people are receiving in your market - list price vs sales price -- in her case that number was 94.9%. The good news - the offer she received was 95.7% of list price. My suggestion was to...

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💡 Three Ways to Use Other People's Listings as a Lead Magnet

The number one way to attract clients is with high quality inventory. So what happens when you are low on inventory?

Borrow a Listing

Of course you can borrow one from your own office colleagues, which is a common technique, but you can also borrow cooperating agents listings as well. To expand this concept you might target some of the top teams in your market and give them a phone call by saying:

"Hey, I'm looking to do some open houses this weekend, I know you have some great listings. Would you be open to allowing me to do an open house on one of your listings?"

You might be surprised to find that even though they have buyers agents sometimes these buyers agents are already busy, or they don't have enough manpower to do all the open houses they need to based on their listing inventory.

For Sale by Owner Open Houses

Another opportunity, which is really outside the box is to call For Sale by Owners in your market with this quick script:

"I have an out of the box question for...

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