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Unlock More Sales From Your Database Using the Power-Base Formula


How big does your real estate database need to be to hit your goals over the next 12 months? 

If you don't know the answer to this question it's highly likely you will have a difficult time hitting your target.  The Power-Base formula can answer this question and it can give you two clear paths to more profitability. What is your Power-Base? It is a factor for how many people in your database are required to create once closed transaction. 

Watch and learn as Jim explains the Power-Base formula in just over 3 minutes while  providing you two easy ways you can use your number to net more commission income over the twelve months.  

Do you need more leads, more listings, more buyers, and more closings? 

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Jim Remley is...

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Five Steps to Host an Amazing Client Appreciation Event

sphere of influence Jan 11, 2019

Do you remember the last sales call you received? How about the last email? The last sales letter? You are not alone. Most of us quickly forget even fantastic sales people because we are bombarded by so many sales messages and marketing daily.

Our clients are in the same boat and studies show that every one of our clients is also in 9 other agents sphere's of influence. Experiential marketing can unlock the door to more referrals, better client relationships, and clients who remember you! One way to do this is with a Client Appreciation Party. 

Watch and learn why high level companies and high level salespeople use experiential marketing and Five Steps to Hosting a Client Appreciation Party. 

Ready for a new lead generation plan for 2019?

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Re-Setting Key Relationships to Fuel Massive Success in 2019

sphere of influence Jan 09, 2019

When you think about your three best real estate clients from the previous 12 months - Do you know their goals personally and professionally for 2019?

The first month of the year is always a time for resolutions and goal setting. Savvy agents use this unique opportunity to discover what their clients are truly passionate about in life and in business.

Understanding and caring about your clients aspirational goals will instantly re-set key relationships as your focus will shift to what is truly important for them to accomplish.  You will lead with the client need.  As many top producers have learned when you help enough other people hit their goals, they will help you hit your goals. 

Watch this quick video to discover key scripts and a five point plan to engage your best clients, as well as one extra step that can unlock even more synergy. 

Ready for a new lead generation plan for 2019?

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Start Leveraging Your Single Best Asset In Real Estate


In a recent Real Trends study it was found that 69% of buyers and sellers found their agent from a "trusted referral." Smart agents don't buy leads they create leads. 

When you reflect on where your sales came from last year in most cases the vast majority will have come from someone that you already knew or someone that was referred to you. Yet in real estate we spend thousands on marketing, branding, and on-line lead generation chasing potential clients we have never met or may never meet. 

Savvy agents understand that their database is a core asset, in fact, it's their single best asset. They manage, cultivate, and incubate their database with an intentional contact plan and then fully immerse themselves into turning their database into a referral machine. 

Watch this full live class focused on building your sphere of influence and start leveraging your single best asset in real estate. (Don't miss how to add 22 transactions a year to your bottom...

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What Are You Changing in a Changing Real Estate Market?


In many areas of the country agents are reporting a shifting market, this is natural and normal as the real estate market is always dynamic, but it does bring up an interesting question...

What are you changing in a changing real estate market? 

As a 30 year veteran of the real estate industry, with many ups and downs along the way, I have three key actions you can all take to stay at the top of your game.

Watch this video to be strategy driven and not market driven! 


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About the Author

Jim Remley is a nationally recognized expert in the field of residential real estate. Entering the real estate industry at the age of 19 he began an unlikely rise from college drop out to...

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