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6 Surefire Ways To Make Sure You Don’t Lose Listings To Your Competitors


The listing market is about to blow up. We've seen all kinds of stats around this. Everybody's looking at the same wave coming towards us. The question is, what are we going to do about it?

We know 77% of homeowners believe now's a good time to sell.

1 in 10 homeowner's plans to list in the next year. And 63% in the next six months.

Here are 5 things you must have to get ready for the super surge of listings that's about ready to break into your market right now:

1. An in-depth marketing plan

Now this is a step-by-step, point-by-point marketing plan that's unique to you. Not just your office, not your company, not your brand, but to you personally that you give to every seller.

If you haven't developed this, we've actually developed one for all of our coaching students, which will blow your mind. But you need to take some time to develop one yourself.

2. Recent testimonials

Have you collected those on an 8.5x11 piece of paper that looks good? And have you collected them on all the social media platforms?

Make sure you're collecting testimonials on Facebook Business (your business page on Facebook), your Google business page, Zillow, and And when we collect those, put those on paper so we can show them to a client in a listing appointment.

3. A success portfolio

Just like an architect or a photographer. We're going to show off our points of success where we've helped other families sell their homes. We're going to show up that marketing, get those testimonials integrated into that book so that you can show off what your work experience looks like and what you've been able to accomplish for other people.

4. Your company and personal statistics

You want to show off that your company is dominant and you're dominant. You know your stuff as a real estate expert. Or if you're a newer agent, you can rely on your company. You're going to let the company be your backbone. But if you're experienced in the business, you should definitely lean into your personal stats.

5. And maybe one of the most important parts that most people don't have dialed in is your listing presentation

You must have a dialed in listing presentation. Remember the 10,000 hour rule by Malcolm Gladwell in his book The Outlier. He says that for anybody to be a master of anything, we have to practice that thing 10,000 hours.

How many hours have you practiced? Have you put an hour into your listing presentation this year? Have you put five hours in? Have you put 10 hours in? Have you put 20 hours in? Have you put a hundred hours into your listing presentation?

If you haven't and you lose your next listing to the competitor, maybe they did, right?

So don't let yourself lose. Be prepared, be over prepared for every listing you're about to take.

And I'm going to give you a sixth bonus here:

6. Start using a pre-listing kit

Your pre-listing kit is your preemptive strike against your competitors. So they know they're dealing with an absolute pro.

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