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3 Homeowner Secrets Your Buyers Would Love to Know


June was Homeownership Month. And as a REALTOR, your job is to emphasize the value of homeownership. It's the product you sell, and you need to let people know that being a homeowner has significant financial advantages.

Here's the first one:

The average homeowner has 40 times the net worth of the average renter.


The number one reason is that every time you make your monthly mortgage payment, a portion goes towards principal reduction. It's like a forced savings account, building up over time. When you sell the property, you benefit from this accumulation.

Additionally, you have appreciation. Every year, the home's value increases, sometimes more, sometimes less, but over a 30-year mortgage, the property value generally rises.

On top of that, homeowners receive substantial tax benefits that renters don't.

These are three key reasons why someone should consider becoming a homeowner today.

Your job is to provide people with a path to homeownership. The biggest resistance point...

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Why Insurance Rates Have Skyrocketed (And How To Best Protect Your Homeowners)


Interesting new data shows that 63% of home buyers who purchased a home after the pandemic believe their home will be impacted by climate change at some level. found that statistically, 44.8% of homes actually will be affected.

Regardless of the numbers, it's clear that climate change is on the minds of our clients.

What matters is that your clients believe it, and insurance companies believe it too. Insurance rates have skyrocketed over the last few years due to environmental impacts like floods, hurricanes, and fires. These natural disasters cause insurers to take losses, leading them to ramp up their rates in anticipation of more such events.

As REALTORS, you can serve your clients by addressing this issue. Say to them:

“You probably have seen your insurance rates going up. Part of the reason for that is environmental impacts across the country. I've got a great insurance agent who can shop your rate and find the best deal for you. Also, if you want, I can give...

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This “100% Script” Overcomes Sellers’ Greediness with Ease


It's hard to believe, but sellers are greedy. We all are, right? When we sell our homes, we want the maximum amount we can get.

The problem is that many agents will "buy" a listing, especially in this desperate market. We're finding listings, but many agents are hanging on by their fingernails, willing to do anything to get a listing. That's not how we do business. We need a script that addresses the greedy seller.

Here's a script I'll call the "100% Script." If I'm sitting across the table, I can say…

“You know what? Many people don't realize this, but statistically, in our market, only about 60% of the time do listing agents sell the listing the first time. They list it, put it on the market, do the marketing, but then the home doesn't get an offer or the right offer, and you have to list it with another REALTOR. I don't want to do that with you. I don't want to waste your time or effort. I want to give you a different experience because my goal is to sell 100% of the...

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Real Estate Alert: Price Drops Hit Record Highs! 3 Crucial Stats You Must Know


Hey guys, price drops have hit an 18-month high. Here are three stats you need to know:

  1. In May, 6.4% of home sellers dropped their home prices. In the last week of May, home prices actually came down by $3,000.
  2. This is the first time home prices have declined in the last six months.
  3. Homes are also staying on the market longer, now averaging 46 days. We are seeing more stagnation with listings.

When analyzing the market, we consider supply versus demand. We still have very low supply, but demand is decreasing due to high interest rates and record-high home prices. This combination makes affordability tough for many home buyers.

When discussing this with sellers, it's important to explain that a market can have pricing power or pricing pressure. For years, sellers had pricing power due to low supply and high demand. Now, with demand dropping, pricing pressure is entering the market.

The best time for a price adjustment might be surprising—it's at the listing appointment. At...

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Create a Winning Real Estate Success Portfolio: Boost Your Clientele & Close More Deals!


What is a success portfolio for a real estate professional?

Well, if you've ever gone to a photographer, architect, or even a wedding planner, you'll often see a book of their work—a portfolio. This showcases what they've done for other clients in the past.

Think about yourself. We often have listing presentations and now even buyer presentations, but do we have a portfolio of past performance?

This portfolio can be the pre-listing kit you've always dreamed of or the pre-buy meeting kit that will really motivate and inspire people to want to work with you.

So what would you put into this success portfolio? Of course, you'll include the properties you've sold and testimonials from other clients. You can also add marketing examples to show what you've done to market properties on social media, with flyers, with postcards, and even in a digital presentation, including video.There's a lot you could include in this presentation to make it really come alive and pop.

Now, imagine you...

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11 Things Your Buyer Presentation MUST Have Post NAR Settlement


Quick question:

What is in your buyer presentation right now?

With the NAR settlement just around the corner, you need to address what you’re doing about it. One thing you need to do is have your buyer presentation dialed in.

Here are 11 things to include in your buyer presentation post NAR settlement:

1. The Search Process: This can't just be you searching the MLS. Buyers can do that on Zillow or Go further by curating listings, hand-selecting the best fits, and commenting on each one. Be involved in the search process daily.

2. No Stone Unturned: The best listings sometimes don't hit MLS. Look at for-sale-by-owners, expired listings, and network with other REALTORS on coming-soon listings. Canvas neighborhoods to find potential sellers.

3. Research Process: Dive deep into any specific home you're interested in. Check permits, architectural plans, disclosure statements, plat maps, aerial maps, assessed values, and neighborhood trend lines. Interview...

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Why REALTORS Need to Address Climate Change: 30% of Clients Are Moving!


Here's an interesting question to put out on social media to your audiences:

Would you move from your current market because of climate change?

I've been in the business for 35 years, and we never really talked about climate change as a motivator for people to move. But it's becoming more and more of a reason for people to relocate. In fact, 30% of Americans today, especially young people, say they would move because of climate change or make a decision about where to live based on it.

That’s why this is an interesting question to ask on social media.

Climate change can take many different forms. In my market area, for example, it's fires.

We had a fire come through our neighborhoods that burned down 2,700 homes. It was one of the biggest fires in the nation for destroying homes. Absolutely devastating for our community. We went through several summers of fire, and a lot of people moved because they couldn't deal with the smoke and terrible air quality.

On the flip side, you...

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How To Respond to a Seller Who Doesn’t Want to Pay the Buyer Agent Commission


Let's pretend a seller says, "Nope, I'm not paying the buyer agent commission."

This can happen, albeit rarely. When it does, it’s your job to educate them on what comes next. Just because they say they don't want to pay it doesn't mean they won't receive offers requesting them to do so.

It's likely most offers will include language requesting the seller pay the buyer agent commission of X dollars. Then, the seller will have to decide to either reject the offer or counter it. We need to educate the seller about this.

You could do this by saying, "Hey, I totally get it. But just so you know, most offers we receive will still ask you to pay the buyer agent commission. At that time, we can look at the overall offer and decide if you want to do that or reject all offers that include that verbiage."

"I wouldn't reject everything out of hand. I'd suggest looking at the whole spectrum—what they're offering versus what your net will be. We can judge it on an offer-by-offer...

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The Recent Homeowners Equity Update Unlocks Client Excitement Across Your Entire Database


Here's an amazing number you should share with everyone in your sphere of influence:

The average American homeowner now has $298,000 in equity, a record high!

This presents a fantastic opportunity to update your clients on their equity growth over the past year. We should do this every year with our clients, and if you haven't done it yet, make a point of doing it now.

Consider shooting a quick video and saying:


"Hey, good news! Across the country, the average homeowner now has $298,000 in equity. If you're curious about your equity position, I'd love to do a PAYER report for you.

What's a PAYER report? It stands for Personalized Equity Analysis Report. It provides a quick update on your home equity and where you stand. If you're thinking about selling, I'd love to help you. Or, if you're considering investing in more real estate and building even more equity, I'm happy to assist you there as well. At the very least, get a copy of that free PAYER report.”


That's the...

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The Hidden Power of Assumable Loans in Real Estate which Unlock Premium Prices


A question you should ask every seller when you’re about to list a property is: "Do you have an FHA, USDA, or VA loan?"

These loans are often assumable, making the property highly valuable. If they have an interest rate below 5%, the house can fetch a premium price.

For example, if current interest rates are at 7% and a buyer can assume a 4.5% loan, it's a fantastic opportunity. There are some caveats, though. Be cautious about locking up veterans' benefits, preventing them from using those benefits elsewhere. If the seller is retiring or doesn't plan to own another home, they might be okay with someone assuming their loan.

For USDA and FHA loans, the buyer must qualify. They can't be a deadbeat; they need to qualify for the loan. Most buyers in a position to assume these low-interest loans will be thrilled, and your sellers can get a premium price.

Start asking sellers, "Do you have an FHA, USDA, or VA loan, and would you be okay with it being assumed?" There are many...

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