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The 11 Most Important Staging Tweaks To Make To Get Your Sellers Top-Dollar


Interesting question:

How much does what someone sees on TV impact their buying patterns or buying behavior?

And that's a question that was asked within the new staging report from the NAR — the National Association of Realtors. And here's what they found:

63% of REALTORS say that when they're out showing homes to buyers, that the buyers requested to view homes that were comparable to those that they had seen on TV.


Because of that, 35% of REALTORS say that they have patterned their staging around what they see on TV as well. So TV is definitely having an impact in the real world of selling real estate.

So when we look at those numbers, when we dig deeper, here's what's interesting:

When we ask the bigger question, how many REALTORS are actually staging listings at all?

Here's the numbers:

* 31% of REALTORS stage every listing.

* 13% only staged difficult homes

* 8% only stage high priced homes

But most interesting behind all this:

* 42% do not stage, but they offered to give the seller some ideas on decluttering the home.

So at some level, most REALTORS are getting at least some staging advice. Some are taking over staging the home altogether. Then we get into, well, what are they recommending in these conversations, right? What are they actually talking about?

Now contrary to popular belief:

We sometimes think of staging as moving furniture, , creating open spaces. You know, those kinds of things. But staging takes on a lot of forms and fashions.

Now here's the most recommended items when it comes to staging:

When we look at this list, you might be surprised at what people are recommending.

Here's the most recommended:

1. Decluttering the home — 93% of the time, moving some stuff out of the house, make the house look bigger, make it look more inviting.

2 Entire home cleaning — 85% of the time, getting that home dialed in and cleaned.

3. Removing pets during showings — 81% of the time.

4. Improving curb appeal. The outside of the home. How people look at the home when they pull up — 78% of the time.

5.Carpet cleaning — 73% of the time.

6. Professional photos, which you wouldn't necessarily think of staging, but it is staging the home online — 73%.

7. Minor repairs — 69%.

8. Depersonalizing the home — 63%

9. Painting touch-ups — 58%

10. Landscaping the outdoor areas — 55% and

11. Grouting — 35%.

Now in that list, most of it has to do with cleaning, small renovations, getting the home dialed in visually. And a lot of times those conversations are essential to help sellers get to top dollar.

Now, my question for all of you watching this is:

What are you recommending to sellers when it comes to staging a home?

Do you fall into this pattern? This list of that we just covered. Are you patterning your staging recommendations off of what you're seeing on TV? And how many buyers are talking to you about what they're seeing on TV?

Very interested to know the answers to those questions.

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