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11 Things Your Buyer Presentation MUST Have Post NAR Settlement


Quick question:

What is in your buyer presentation right now?

With the NAR settlement just around the corner, you need to address what you’re doing about it. One thing you need to do is have your buyer presentation dialed in.

Here are 11 things to include in your buyer presentation post NAR settlement:

1. The Search Process: This can't just be you searching the MLS. Buyers can do that on Zillow or Go further by curating listings, hand-selecting the best fits, and commenting on each one. Be involved in the search process daily.

2. No Stone Unturned: The best listings sometimes don't hit MLS. Look at for-sale-by-owners, expired listings, and network with other REALTORS on coming-soon listings. Canvas neighborhoods to find potential sellers.

3. Research Process: Dive deep into any specific home you're interested in. Check permits, architectural plans, disclosure statements, plat maps, aerial maps, assessed values, and neighborhood trend lines. Interview...

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Dominate Your Local Real Estate Market with the Overlooked “Farming” Your Neighborhood Marketing Strategy


Are you actively farming your own neighborhood?

It's a straightforward marketing strategy that many agents overlook. So, why should you consider farming your own neighborhood?

Well, it all comes down to the fact that people prefer doing business with those they know, like, and trust, especially when they share a common bond.

When you live in the same neighborhood, potential clients are more inclined to choose you as their REALTOR. However, this won't happen if you're a "secret agent" – someone they don't even know lives nearby and can serve them.

To get started, you need to establish yourself as a local expert.


Begin by introducing yourself through a letter or postcard. Let them know you're a resident and express your interest in being their preferred REALTOR. Share your credentials and accomplishments to give them confidence in your abilities.

Next, demonstrate that you're an active agent....

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