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Cause Based Real Estate Marketing - 5 Ways to Create Profit with Purpose

branding marketing Nov 21, 2018

While many real estate professionals volunteer their time, energy, and dollars to a wide spectrum of charitable causes many have not considers employing cause based marketing as a part of their marketing strategy. 

Cause based marketing can do many things for both you and your charity of choice. First it can help define you to consumers as someone who gives back and cares about the greater good, second it can inspire others to follow your lead, and third it can dramatically increase the amount of of time, energy, and dollars being donated to the cause. 

Watch this quick video to learn why cause based marketing should become an important part of your overall brand strategy and 5 Ways to Start Today! 

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Three Keys to Building a Real Estate Brand

branding marketing Sep 09, 2018

Congratulations you have just been nominated for your first Oscar! I guess all those acting classes in college finally paid off.  Unfortunately the ceremony is tonight and you can’t make it because you’re on location with Vin Diesel in Bangladesh. (Blast!) On such short notice your agent has informed you that you only have six choices to act as your stand in to accept the award on your behalf. Your choices are: Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Cruise, Melissa McCarthy , Tom Hanks, or Susan Sarandon.

So who would you choose to represent you on Oscar night?

In a classroom setting the overwhelming majority of my students choose either Tom Hanks or Jennifer Lawrence. Why? They are well respected, like-able, and credible actors. They won’t embarrass you, make a fool of themselves, or run off with your statue.  In other words they represent you well. Our clients go through a similar process. This is sometimes known as the ego driven decision.

This ego...

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