How Storytelling Creates Powerful Positioning On Social Media


How are you positioning yourself on social media to have impact?

A lot of us are doing a lot of social media, but is it having impact? Are people remembering you or are they just scrolling past your posts because they're filled with meaningless fluff?

If you want to have impact, here's one technique that'll really help you shine in your marketplace:


Telling a story about your client's experience and what your clients are going through will help you build a relationship with people that are in your audience. It positions you as the expert, as the authority, as a trusted figure, as an advisor, as a counselor. But it will also help people remember you as a REALTOR.


Because stories are remembered. Stories create resonance and connections with other people. People love reading about people.

So I'm gonna give you a couple of examples of that:

I've got a couple of my great coaching students that I work with in my company. And one of them did a "Client Victory Story," which I loved.

Here's what Karen did:

"Hey, my clients submitted their first offer and beat out 20 other offers."

And so she actually did a quick video about it, about how she helped her clients beat out 20 other offers.

That's telling a client story because a lot of clients are experiencing that kind of phenomenon — where they're going out and trying to get an offer accepted, but it's not happening. She's explaining how she helped her clients make that happen.

Another one of my students competed against 40 offers and finally helped her clients be successful. And I immediately asked her, did you tell that story on social media?

She said, no. I said, wow, you got to tell that story because that's a story where it shows off that you are going the extra mile for people. You're pushing through and really making sure that your clients are going to get to their end goals when it comes to their real estate transaction.

Another one with my friend, Ashley, told the whole story of how she helped her clients walk through that sales process. And she called it a "House Hunting Story," which is beautiful. She told this in a story format:

"My client wanted an open concept, updated, three bedroom townhouse in a gated community below a certain price point. She understood that would be a rare find in today's market and was willing to compromise. We found a three bedroom that was well below budget, but it wasn't updated, open-concept, or gated. She loved the price, but not the house. So she felt like she'd be settling. We offered on a two bedroom that was updated and gated, but lost when multiple offers beat us out on price.

Then we found the one. The three bedrooms, updated, open concept in a gated community but price was out of her budget. But through negotiations, we locked this one up below asking price!"

The power of this story is because you're capturing people's imagination. And they're going to be thinking, I can trust this agent with my dream, with my aspirations. She's going to go the extra mile.

Another one of my buddies did another story where he talked about his client and had a picture of him and his client with 13 different offers. And here's the story. He said:

"My client invited me out to take a look at his house. Zillow said the house was worth $469k. We priced the home at $500k and we got 13 offers. The home is going to close at over $529,000."

Are you telling stories in your social media that's going to resonate? And are you looking for stories about people and what's happening that can engage more people on your social media audiences?

I hope you are. And I hope this helps you create better positioning on social media today.

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