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How to Take Advantage of The Urban Exodus

Hey guys, some new interesting information from NAR regarding how far people move when they buy a new home.

For decades, the number was about 10 to 15 miles from where they were moving to where they were going to.

Now that shot up dramatically last year to 50 miles—an unheard of number. And where are people heading?

1. Small towns: up 9% from last year.

2. Rural areas: up 7% from last year.

So people are wanting to exit urban areas, kind of that urban exodus we've talked about for a long time. And why are they doing it? Well, they have remote working, they have a remote school, and they want to get out of the urban jungle. And affordability is a big issue. They can buy a much bigger house, much nicer house by going out to these rural and small town areas.

So what about your market? Are you starting to see this in your market?

Maybe you're on the flip side where you live in a rural market like I do and you're benefiting from people coming to you. And on the other side, maybe you're in an urban market and people are leaving your market to go to these more rural small towns. Either side of that fence, you can be a winner. You just have to position yourself in the right way.

And the number one thing that all of us need to do to get in front of this wave is to be a "relocation specialist." Now, as a relocation specialist, I'm gonna put this on my cards, on my website, on my social media. I'm gonna definitely talk about this when I'm doing marketing, so that everybody knows that if they're thinking about relocating to a market area that's outside where I serve, I am the guy or gal that can help.

Now, one other thing we can do is if we have an area where people are exiting to and we know it's like a feeder market, we're feeding this market, we can target that area or several areas and farm REALTORS in those areas. I can do that with phone calls, I can do that with email. I can do that with postcards. I can do that with my website, social media. There are many ways I can target these REALTORS and these other areas and tell them,

"Hey, I'm a relocation specialist. I'd love your referrals or I'd love to send you referrals."

(However you want to frame it up.) And start getting in front of these opportunities.

Guys, there's a ton of these opportunities out there. Talk to your clients about have you ever dreamed about living in a small town? Have you ever thought about moving to a more rural market community? If you have, let me know because I'm not just a local REALTOR, I'm a global REALTOR. And that's something you gotta frame up as well.

Hope that helps you today.

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