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The “ARM” Secret That Unlocks Massive Savings for Your Buyers


New study out from the Mortgage Bankers Association shows that ARM demand has reached a 14-year high.

And now what's an ARM?

An ARM is an adjustable rate mortgage.

A lot of you that have entered the business over the last 10 years may have never used an ARM.

They became almost invisible for many, many years. Why? Because we've had the lowest interest rates in history. No one would bother doing an ARM. But over the last quarter, just to here in 2022 ARMs have gone up to a 14-year high.

So an ARM is an adjustable rate mortgage. Generally, it's set interest rate for the first 3, 5, 7 years. And then it resets based on the current rates of that time. There's a cap on it. Every loan's a little bit different, but here's some examples of what that looks like:

Right now, as I'm talking to you today...

The current interest rates are about 5.5% while the ARM rate is about 4.5%. So people are getting about a 1% discount for going into an ARM situation.

But 1% on a monthly basis, over five years or six years or seven years, that's a lot of money. It's a big monthly savings, and it might help people get to the home they actually wanna live in. And if their horizon is that they're only gonna live there five to seven years anyway, it might be a great opportunity for a lot of people.

And that's the way you gotta look at it.

What's my horizon, right? And where interest rates headed?

This is a conversation we need to start having with our buyers and try to educate them on the different options and opportunities that there are in the market.

It's not just gonna be the standard set conventional 30-year mortgages anymore. We're gonna have to be more creative and really bring to table lots of different solutions that might help them.

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