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Effective Real Estate Marketing: Focus on The Why


About a year ago, my wife and I decided to downsize as we hit our fifties. We have four kids, but three of them had already moved out, leaving us with just one. So, we moved from a bigger house into a smaller one. We realized that there are a ton of people just like us all around the country.

Before we downsized, we used to live in a big house near a golf course, and whenever we received marketing from REALTORS, it was always the same thing: The marketing was all about them getting a listing, and we could read right through it.

They just wanted our commission, and it wasn't very effective.

Over the years, we received door hangers, mailers, and all sorts of stuff, but as a REALTOR myself, I couldn't help but wonder if these methods were effective or not. Sure, anything is better than nothing, but what can you do to be more effective?

The key is to focus on the why of someone considering making a move, instead of what you need.

Why would someone like me, Jim Remley, want to move away from the community I lived in? And why would everyone else in that area be moving away too? The most common reason is downsizing into a smaller house. No one wants to deal with the high payments, taxes, and maintenance of a big house. So, it's time to focus on the why, and not the what.

When thinking about marketing, it's essential to reframe it to hit the target audience on the head. For example, you can reframe your marketing materials and ask,

"Is it time to downsize or right-size into a home that fits your lifestyle?"


"Is it time to lower your monthly expenses?"

These are the kinds of questions that will trigger someone to make a move.

If you're marketing to another area, like a bedroom community, people might be moving up. For example, you can say,

"Isn't it time to grow into the home that you deserve?"


"Isn't it time to take the next step up in your real estate evolution?"

By focusing on the why, you'll unlock a lot more opportunities.

I hope this helps you go out there and crush it in the marketplace.

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