Webinar: Five Ways to "Win" a Negotiation by Partnering with the Listing Agent

What to Say When Seller Wants to "Take House Off the Market for Winter"


In our changing marketing landscape we must adapt our strategy, our sales language, and our approach to advising and consulting with buyer and sellers to ensure they make informed decisions. 

In a traditional market with the normal seasonality of a stronger selling season in the spring and summer and a slower selling season in the fall in winter - many sellers will consider taking their house off the market during the winter, and many buyers may wait for more inventory to arrive in the typical spring and summer surge.  

We are not in a traditional market. The market today is undergoing a transition, a normalization which in many areas means more inventory is quickly flooding back into your local MLS. 

Watch and learn how to coach your clients (buyers and sellers) on why buying a home now is a great idea and why keeping their home on the market is a smart strategic decision

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The Second Biggest Reason Why Homes Don't Sell + Three Key Scripts


The number one reason a home doesn't sell is always price. But what's the second biggest reason? It's the product or the home itself. We can help sellers position their home to sell with more showings and more offers by coaching them on how to have their home make a great first impression. 

By giving sellers a "to-do" list you can actually help sellers focus all their nervous energy on something productive (instead of focusing on your marketing) and you can eliminate reasons for buyers to object to the home - when they "horriblize" small insignificant items that could have been easily repaired. 

Watch as Jim provides three easy scripts to help sellers prepare their home for sale! 

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