The “Ready And Willing” Script for Weeding Out Bad Prospects


One thing that we should do this year is cut the dead wood.

What does that mean?

It means we don't wanna be walking up a mountain, our mountain being our figurative goal set that we've set for ourselves and have a backpack full of rocks on our back.

Now, what is that backpack full of rocks?

Those are clients that don't wanna sell, that don't wanna buy, that are wasting your time, that are frustrating, that are angry people that we do not need to be carrying around on our backs anymore.

We need to cut them loose and work with people that really wanna buy and sell.

So going into the new year, how can we approach our business a little bit differently?

One is to work with ready and willing clients which sounds crazy, but it is so simple that it's obvious, right?

We need to work with ready and willing clients.

Having a ready and willing conversation is important. So I'm gonna give you my "ready and willing" conversation script when I'm talking to a buyer.

So when I'm talking to a buyer, here's what I'll say:

"Hey, you know what? The way I work is very low key. I never wanna pressure anyone. I'm not that kind of agent. But I do like to lead and just start off with a quick question. And that is:

If we can find the house that really fits your needs and is priced in your price category, and we can negotiate the right kind of situation for you, do you feel comfortable that you're in a place where you can move forward? Or is there something else happening in your life where this isn't quite the right timing for you?"

Let them answer the question and they may say, well, yeah, I've gotta do this, I gotta do that. I'm not quite ready.

And you can say:

"Okay, no problem. Let's do this:

I'm gonna set you up on a couple of automated lists and when you are ready to pull the trigger, great. I'll go full force for you and we'll we'll find your dream home. Does that sound cool?"

They're like, yes. That level of relationship, that level of no pressure sales is strength.

You know why you have that strength? Because you're prospecting every day. You're not trying to create needs. You're just identifying real needs and real people when they're ready to buy and when they're ready to sell.

Think about what you are ready and willing script is for the new year.

How are you gonna approach your business and cut this dead wood outta your life? So you can still start working with people that are really ready to buy and sell.

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