The Death of Real Estate Seasonality (And How To Have Your Biggest Boom This Year)


When do listings peak? In other words, when does the total number of listings hit its apex every year?

Well, it's an interesting question and it's definitely been affected by COVID.

Let me break it down for you:

In 2017, the peak was August.

In 2018, it was October.

And in 2019, it was September.

What do you think it was though for the COVID year 2020? And we're still in COVID, but at the beginning of the COVID years:

That number was shockingly (or not so shockingly) April — as March was when it was starting to gain some steam and when we had the shutdown. April was the peak of listings last year, and then it fell off from there pretty dramatically.

What do we expect for 2021 though?

We can't look at the seasonality of real estate anymore. The seasonality of real estate, where we used to know that spring and summer was the peak. And then it came over the top and fall and winter was the slow period.

That's not going to be true this year.

This year already, the stats show us that listings continue to build. And that volume of listings is continuing to increase.

It's highly likely that our top peak will be in October, November, or December of this year.

We don't know which month, but we know it's one of those three months. Reason we want to understand this is because if you're starting to take your foot off the gas and think it's time to relax and think about the holidays...

Reconsider what you're doing with your business, because your business could have its biggest boom ever right now, in terms of listings coming to market. Don't let your competitors mop up all this inventory while you're going to sleep. Don't go into hibernation mode, go into acceleration mode, start really pouring it on into your farming efforts, your sphere of influence efforts, your FSBOs, your vacant houses, and your absentee owners.

This is the time to go because sellers have finally hit that threshold where they're ready to come to market.

Take advantage of it and shake that money tree.

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