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Two Social Media Strategies That Create Rabid Engagement


I'm gonna give you two techniques today that can really transform what you're doing on social media.


Because a lot of agents on social media are doing the same old, boring posts. They're not getting a lot of engagement. Nobody really cares. Nobody's really watching. And so they wonder why they're struggling and other agents are doing so well.

There's a few reasons.

Now one is that people are seeing repetitive posts. They're seeing the same posts from the same REALTORS over and over and over again. And they get boring. They just become noise. So how can you break through?

I'm gonna give you two strategies right now:

1. Educational marketing

Educational marketing means you're teaching somebody. So you're the teacher, they're the student. We're experts in this industry. And we could come up with a list of a hundred things we could talk about about the real estate market easily that other people outside the industry don't know.

We could talk about what it means to get a house appraisal. How do they come up with those values? What does it mean to get a home inspection? What's an escrow mean? What does a preliminary title report mean?

I could walk people through so many different aspects of home ownership. The Cost vs Value reports that the REALTOR organization puts out that teaches us what we should be investing in to get the highest dollar returns for making improvements to our house.

There's so many things, right? Educational marketing is so key.

So I want you to think about when you're seeing data today, I want you to think in terms of being a teacher and say, is that a teachable moment for my audiences? There are gonna be lots of data that comes through your desk, your social feeds, your brokerage, from your franchise. You're gonna say, "Hey, is that a teachable moment for my audience?"

If it is, create a video. Take 2-3 minutes and shoot a video.

The best videos, by the way, under a minute that we can place on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Reels, and Facebook. Shorter is better in today's world, but don't be afraid of longer version as well. Those are can be very valuable and powerful as well.

Now that's one strategy, educational marketing, set a goal to put out one educational piece every single week.

2. Opinion marketing

What is opinion marketing?

Here's what it is:

First, I want you to think about the highest paid professionals in any community.

Doctors, attorneys, financial professionals. Why are these people so highly paid? Because we seek out their opinion, right?

They go to school for a long time to become experts in their field. Then people seek them out to get their opinion.

A lot of times when we go to an attorney, they give us an opinion. When we go to a doctor, they give us their opinion. We go to a financial professional and they give us an opinion of the market.

When people come to us as a REALTOR, we also are giving them our opinion. Number one thing we do is giving our opinion of value, but we can also give them opinions on lots of things. Things they can do to improve their home. Ways they can strategize with a negotiation to get the highest price for the property.

There's a lot of ways we can give people opinions, but we can also do opinion marketing.

What are some things that people want your opinion on today? How can you do this?

I'm gonna give you some examples:

* How are the rising interest rates going to impact the real estate market?

* How's the war in Ukraine gonna impact the real estate market?

* What do you foresee for the rest of the year in terms of the real estate market with supply and demand and home prices, are they gonna continue to rise? Is it gonna slow down?

* What's gonna happen in your local market?

Those are things that people want your opinion on. You should do one opinion piece every single week.

So there's two new strategies for you:

Educational marketing and opinion marketing.

Believe me, you're gonna get a lot of response, a lot of engagement from those two strategies.

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