The “Vaccine Question” to Post as a Social Media Story Today


If you're looking for a story to post to social media today, here's a great one for you.

A study was recently done about homeowners and how likely they are now to list their home based on the vaccine being available.

So here's the study and what it shares:

It shares that 70% of homeowners say they'd be completely comfortable moving to a new home with widespread COVID-19 vaccine distribution. In other words, they're ready to leave and go into another house because the vaccine is available. That's 7 out of 10 homeowners compared to only 52% who currently feel that way.

Now, we're only at 52% today. But as the vaccine becomes more prevalent and widespread, which we expect them in the next couple of months, that number is going to move to 70%.

It's going to unlock a ton of sellers into the marketplace.

That represents 14 million homeowners who now feel comfortable moving after widespread vaccination. This is a massive opportunity for you.

Now let's go deeper:

Nearly 4 in 5 (or 78%) of homeowners who said the vaccine would impact their decision to sell also say they expect it to make them more likely to move. So they are actually thinking about moving.

We know one third of the American population is considering a move after COVID. Now this could be a real force change. We might see a ton of listings coming to market very soon.

So this a question to put out as a story on social media and ask:

Are you more likely to move when the COVID vaccine is widely available?

It's a great (and engaging) way to get a sense for how your audience and market feels. Just put it out there today and see what people say.

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