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The Ultimate Guide for Following Up and Selling Your Listings Faster


I want to discuss how to follow up with a seller effectively. Having a reliable follow-up process is essential to getting the seller to sell their house for the highest possible price.

Many agents don't have a set follow-up plan, so I encourage you to adopt a consistent and rigid one. This means that you are consistent in delivering your follow-up to the seller. It all starts with a conversation where you set the seller's expectations when you first take the listing. You say, "Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Seller, I'm super excited to be your listing agent and start working with you. We're going to get your home sold."

One of the things I like to do is to have a weekly follow-up call, and I will provide a complete update on what's happening. This includes virtual showings, physical showings, feedback from agents, the seller's peer group, and any new listings that hit the market. I will also send you a physical report every week.

I usually email it on Monday mornings or afternoons, whichever is better for you. By doing this, I set the expectation that they will wait until Mondays to talk to me, which means I can batch my work and be more efficient and effective.

During the weekly call, I provide updates on virtual and physical showings, and feedback from agents. I talk about virtual showings to indicate that my marketing is working and encourage sellers that their marketing is being seen. It is also essential to share any feedback from agents, especially if it is negative.

For example, I might say that we had 48 virtual showings and four actual physical showings, and I got feedback from two of those folks. Both of them expressed concern about the floors in the house. Although we have done an allowance for the floors, some buyers can't get past the visual appearance, so this might be something to consider changing or adjusting the price.

Ultimately, the decision-making rests with the seller, and it is your responsibility to push them gently in the right direction. They control the condition and the price, and you control the marketing.

So two-thirds of the responsibility for getting the home sold rests on their shoulders, not yours. It is important to make them feel the weight of this responsibility in a gentle but real way. They will appreciate your open communication and dialogue with them. Some sellers may try to avoid the conversation, but it is essential to have it to get the best results.

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