The “Relocation Technique” For Adding 19% More Buyers This Year


Hey guys, some really interesting information regarding remote working and what's happening in the country.

A lot of employers today are saying, "Hey, we started with remote working because we had to. COVID made us do it. But now we're starting to see, this is a really good kind of situation. We spend less on housing our employees in a building somewhere and we can work from home. And great news as a lot of 'em are more productive at home than they were at the office."

So, interesting, interesting study that was just done about this.

And it's related to housing in that 19% of people that are looking to buy a house are doing so because they now have a remote working situation.

See, during the middle of COVID employers were like, "Well, we're gonna let you do this, but then you're gonna have to come back home to the office."

Now they're saying, "Hey, no, you know what? Just keep working from home. We don't care."

Now this gives the freedom to this worker to go out there and move anywhere they want in the country.

There's a huge percentage of buyers that are now having that freedom. 19% of buyers are now having that freedom. That's what's causing them to want to move.

Are you focused on the words, relocation then? Are you really positioning yourself as a relocation specialist within your own database and within your own community?

Start positioning your words around relocation. Start occupying that niche as someone that can help people that are gonna move to parts of the country that we're hearing a lot about:

* Tennessee
* Texas
* Florida

In my market, Idaho is the hotspot. I mean, there's so many hotspots in the country. People are moving to and they're gravitating to.

Make sure that people know they can turn to you to find homes in those other areas because you can refer people to them.

Second thing that goes along with this is the popularity in home searches of using the words home office.

69% of home searches now are looking for that primary keyword: "home office." So if you're taking a listing that has a home office, this is an opportunity to target that as a critical amenity that people want in their homes. That's something we wanna make sure we acknowledge. That we have this home office.

Second, when you're marketing a yourself into neighborhoods, ask the question:

Do you have a home office? Did you know that 69% of buyers are looking for a home with a home office? Call me because I can get you a premium price for your property that has a home office. You see the power of that? So good.

So guys have a great day. Good selling.

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