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The 8 Most Important Things You Can Do as The Market Shifts


Hey guys, the market's shifting. That's no surprise here — we've been seeing it for a few months. We're starting to see buyers put up some walls and say, "Hey, wait a second. I'm not going to pay infinity for a home."

And so buyers are slowing down their activity and we're seeing that. And it's also causing inventories to rise, which in turn, is causing sellers to try and avoid missing the boat so they're jumping in. This is causing inventories to rise even more.

So the whole market is starting to change. Not radically yet, but it will accelerate over time. And it's natural. It's normal. We're never going to have a straight up market forever. Right now, some people would argue that we're 12 years into a seven-year cycle.

Now for us, I have a question for you because you are either an agent that's market-driven or strategy-driven.

If you're market-driven, then high tide floats all boats. You do well in a great market and you do bad in a bad market.

If you're strategy-driven, what's happening with the market will impact you, but not dramatically.

Here's a litmus test to know if you are market-driven or strategy-driven:

Do you know where your next client's coming from?

If you can answer that question, guess what? Congratulations you are strategy-driven.

If you can't answer that, that means you're just hoping and praying that something's good is going to happen. That's being a market-driven agent.

I'm going to give you another little test. I want you to go back in time. Go back to January 1st of this year. And as I'm talking about these, I want you to mentally put a tick mark next to it.

So since January 1st, have you...

  1. Called all of your people in your sphere of influence?
  2. Texted everyone in your sphere of influence?
  3. Sent a direct message to everyone in your sphere of influence?
  4. Sent out a bulk piece of mail to everyone in your sphere of influence?
  5. Sent email regularly to everyone in your sphere of influence?
  6. Sent handwritten thank you cards to everyone in your sphere of influence?
  7. Done networking meetings with some of your core group in your sphere of influence?
  8. Are you regularly doing social media with everyone in your sphere of influence?

Could you put a check mark next to every one of those on that short list?

If you were unable to put a check mark next to every one of those, then you could probably have a little better strategy.

And this is true for most people.

So as we're entering a transitional market, now over the next six months, I'm going to tell you something:

The most important thing you can do is stop worrying about the market and start worrying about your strategy. Start focusing intentionally and intently on what you can control. And that is what you do every single day to connect with the people that know, like, and trust you who have the power to completely transform your business.

And secondly, adding more people to your sphere of influence all the time is super important.

Have a great day good selling and go out there and work that sphere.

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