Four Tips For Updating Your Bio in 2021


When's the last time you updated your bio and refreshed your overall brand?

Remember the brand that you are selling is YOU. And you need to refresh your brand at least once a year. You might hate getting your picture taken, but you need a new one every year. And I'm not just talking about a new headshot. You also need to hire a professional photographer to do an entire photo spread for you.

On top of that, you need to update your bio. The best bios that will drive sales your way include the following four things:

  1. They're timely
  2. They're relevant
  3. They include the latest and greatest things happening in your life that help you connect with people in a real way
  4. And they include any awards you've received or accomplishments you've achieved

Your #1 goal with your bio is to create an emotional connection with people. So that when they read about you, they can easily decide that they want to work with you.

Once you've updated your bio, you have to make sure it's updated across the internet. Because only updating it in one spot and ignoring all the other locations creates brand inconsistency, which will scare people away from working with you.

Here are 6 places where you need to make sure you've updated your bio to have brand continuity:

  1. Your personal website
  2. Your Facebook "about me" page (for both your personal and brand Facebook page)
  3. Your LinkedIn profile
  4. Your Zillow profile
  5. Your profile (this is the #1 profile realtors forget to update!)
  6. Your Google business page

So make sure you update those sites consistently so you're dialed in.

Now, for those of you that want to go the extra mile and separate yourself from every other competitor in your market — create a video bio about yourself.

You can have someone interview you. Or you could just speak to the camera if you're comfortable with it.

But let me share a secret with you:

96% of agents won't use video.

So when you use video consistently, not just once a year, you'll put yourself head and shoulders above 96% of your competitors.

A video bio is a great introduction to video that will not only make it easier to use video in the future, but it will also help you differentiate yourself from everyone else in your marketplace today.

So try a video bio today and leave a comment below about how it went.

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