I’ve NEVER Seen This Happen In 30 Years in Real Estate


Hey guys, I'm seeing something in the market that I've never seen before, which is really interesting.

We're seeing a mass migration of people moving from one state to the next because of political reasons.

Now, we haven't seen that. In my 33 years in the industry, I've never seen a mass migration because of political reasons. People are moving because they don't agree with the local politics or the state politics. And they're going to where they agree more with the politics of that other state.

So you might say, well, that's interesting, Jim, but how in the world do I capitalize on? How do I use that in my real estate business?

It's interesting because we all know some folks around us—family and friends—that have actually made the move. So isn't like way out there. This is like close to almost all of us.

So I'm gonna give you a simple technique today that you can implement right now.

Here's what you're gonna do. You're gonna put out a social media post and you're gonna say this:

"Hey, I'm curious as a REALTOR. If you could move to any other state, which one would it be? And why?"

Now what's gonna happen is you're gonna have a ton of people tell you all the reasons why they would move to another state in the nation. And a lot of it probably will be politically motivated and that's okay. You're just trying to gauge where people's mindsets are and then have that conversation with them offline.

You can ask them:

"Hey, are you serious about making a move? Would you like me to explore that and refer you to an agent? Is that something real to you?"

And just get in a conversation. For several of them, it will be very real.

So don't miss the opportunity and have suddenly have a family or friend say, well, I sold my house and you weren't even involved because you weren't close enough to them to actually have the conversation.

So that's a quick idea for you today.

Hey, hope you have a great day. Go out there and crush it.

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