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💡 Three Ways to Use Other People's Listings as a Lead Magnet

The number one way to attract clients is with high quality inventory. So what happens when you are low on inventory?

Borrow a Listing

Of course you can borrow one from your own office colleagues, which is a common technique, but you can also borrow cooperating agents listings as well. To expand this concept you might target some of the top teams in your market and give them a phone call by saying:

"Hey, I'm looking to do some open houses this weekend, I know you have some great listings. Would you be open to allowing me to do an open house on one of your listings?"

You might be surprised to find that even though they have buyers agents sometimes these buyers agents are already busy, or they don't have enough manpower to do all the open houses they need to based on their listing inventory.

For Sale by Owner Open Houses

Another opportunity, which is really outside the box is to call For Sale by Owners in your market with this quick script:

"I have an out of the box question for you. Would you allow me to do an open house on your home? Here's how it works, if you're open to it. I would pay for all the marketing. I put it out on social media. I put up all the signs, build all the flyers and anybody who registers for the open house I will provide you their names, their addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, anything they provided to me, any buyers that are interested, I'll hand them off to you. I won't charge anything. The benefit to me is that I'm hopefully going to pick up some buyers just because they'll be coming into the house."

Hot Sheet Technique

Another technique is to look at the hot sheet which will show you listings that have had a price reduction. Next call the agents of those listings with a price reduction on attractive homes:

"Hey I noticed you have a listing over on Johnson street that had a price reduction this morning. What's going on with that listing? Because it looks like it's in a good neighborhood. Hey listen, would you be okay if I put that out on my online marketing this week, I'd love to promote it and see if I can generate some interest for you. Would you be cool with that? If you're not that's okay too."

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