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Why Having A “Success Portfolio” Unlocks Easier Sales


Hey guys, as you're preparing for the new year, you should start to think about what you can do differently for 2023 that you have never done before?

A lot of you have a listing presentation. Some of you have a buyer presentation. Some of you have a pre-listing kit and a pre-meeting buyer kit for buyers. And a lot of you don't have those things.

But if you do have those things and you're saying, what's the next thing I could add to my overall mix of marketing materials?

I'm gonna give you an idea right now:

It's called my "success portfolio."

If you were gonna go to an architect, photographer, or even a baker or wedding planner, when you go into those places and you talk to them about doing business, a lot of times they'll bring out their portfolio. And their portfolio is kind of a graphic representation of what they've done. A visual representation of what they've done in the past for other clients.

So the photographer is gonna show you other photography he's done. A baker may show you pictures of the kind of bakery goods that they've created. A wedding planner will show you all the weddings that they've done. I've experienced this in many different aspects of my lives. And you've probably had this happen to yourselves.

But do REALTORS do this? Not normally. Normally, REALTORS are just focused on what I can do for you and kind of walk into a listing presentation. Often they don't bring into the picture the successes they've had with other clients.

So for 2023, I want you to think back about 2022 and all the people you've helped sell a home. And in your own personal success portfolio, I want you to think about putting together the listings and the buyers that you've helped. The listings, how you've marketed 'em. The buyers, how you've worked with them.

Maybe show photos, flyers, postcards, the work you did to uncover those listings, those hidden gems that your buyers actually went out and bought, right? Walk them through the process of all the marketing techniques and strategies that you used to create success.

And then within those pages, maybe a double page showing off the success you've had with the picture of the client and everything you've done to help the client. And then maybe also if it's a seller saying, "Hey, we listed the property for this. We were able to sell it within this many days for this, and we closed on this state, and here's a testimonial from the client."

Same thing with the buyers. I was able to help buyers look at 25 homes, we've narrowed it down to three homes. We've made an offer, we got it accepted, we closed in 30 days. Buyers are living there now. Here's a testimonial.

However that looks for you. It's gonna look different for every agent, but putting together that successful portfolio as a printed version and digital version (that can be emailed to potential clients), is super powerful.

Think about it as a pre-meeting. But not just a pre-meeting hit, which is a process walkthrough, but a pre-meeting success portfolio, which shows people all the things they can expect when they're working with you.

Super powerful. And it's one of the easiest things that we should be able to implement in 2023. Because we've got all the work we've already done. Now we just gotta assemble it.

So give it some thought. Work with your graphic designer, and see if you can put that together. I'd love to see what you come up with to make that happen.

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