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The “5 Personas” Strategy For Making People Addicted To Your Content


Hey, you know what's interesting? The least interesting thing about you.

And you know what the least interesting thing about you is? That you sell real estate.

I know it's hard to hear, but that's the truth. When people look at you, if you're just one dimensional, and all you talk about is real estate pretty soon they're gonna get bored with you as a person. Why? Well, they're gonna relegate you to noise because every time they listen to you or look at your feeds, they're only gonna hear about real estate. And people get tired of it.

What people want is fresh, new, exciting, and different content. So I want you to think about the five persona strategy.

When it comes to your tombstone, what do you wanna be known for after we're all gone?

You're probably not gonna talk a lot about real estate. You might say you're a REALTOR, but what else was exciting about you? What else was different about you?

Could be that you're a mother, father, uncle, or grandma. Or that you enjoyed skiing, writing, traveling, baking, or other fun activities.

There's other things about you that are super interesting that are much more relatable to the real person out there than just real estate.

So here's the challenge:

Identify your five personas.

What are the five things you want people to know about you other than real estate? And then I want you to set a goal of posting about those five other things that are interesting about you on social media.

And then sprinkle in some real estate. Now what's gonna happen is people are gonna get much more interested because you're being authentic. You're being real. You're not just being over-edited, and you're not just focusing on the one and only topic that you care about at the moment.

This is gonna drive so much more attention, so much more engagement with your audiences, and you're gonna build, build, build, build, build relationships with people in the universe.

You're just gonna have a much bigger audience that's much more engaged with your content.

Now when you do this, the thing to do is to think about what activities are other people in. When you're looking and engaging with people, you're gonna start to realize what their interests are. Then you can connect with them based on their interests, and you'll start to build a lot more friendships.

And guess what?

Friendships lead to referrals.

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