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How to Leverage the “Halo Effect” to Unlock More Buyers, Sellers, and Closings


Do you ever judge somebody when you meet them for the first time?

The answer is, we all do. We can't help it. It's human nature. In fact, there's a scientist, Daniel Kahneman, who recently passed away. He was an expert in this field. He pioneered the idea of heuristics, or the ability to quickly make decisions by rapidly processing millions of pieces of data.

Some of us benefit from the "halo effect," which means people make a positive judgment about us based on how we present ourselves. Others don’t benefit from this phenomenon.

So, how do you present yourself?

There's something I like to refer to as the "million dollar—or maybe in today's world, $5 million—standard."

This means if you got a call today from someone asking you to list their $5 million house, would you be ready within 10 minutes to walk out the door and do it? Or would you be struggling, thinking, "Oh my gosh, I'm not ready for this. I have to get a million things put together."

This standard of practice is about being ready for opportunity and staying prepared because opportunities can arise unexpectedly.

So, here are three things we can do to raise our game and benefit from that halo effect when people first meet us, making a positive first impression.

Number one is to look your best. Dress up every day when you go to work. Are you dressed for a $5 million listing? While we can all dress down for different settings, like rural properties or walking through cow pastures, it's hard to dress up quickly.

The second thing is to groom yourself. Look your absolute best—haircut, personal grooming, everything dialed in.

The third thing is to be up emotionally and mentally. How do you get into a positive mental state? We all have our secrets for this. Think about what causes you to be in a positive mental state. Is it listening to music, reading a great book, listening to a podcast, or a motivational speaker? Identify what gets you into that positive space and incorporate it into your morning routine to start the day ready for opportunities.

This is the secret to unlocking more buyers, more sellers, and more closings. Being prepared and presenting yourself positively will make a great first impression, opening doors for you.

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