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How to Instantly Gain an Advantage Over 96% of REALTORS


We know that Google is the number one search engine. But what's number two?

As you think about that question, let me give you another a stat that's really going to blow you away:

One-third of Americans -- according to a Harris poll survey -- say that they plan to move after COVID ends.

Think about that.

Think about the power of what that could do to the country in terms of real estate relocation.

So circling back to that first question I asked though, what is the number two search engine?

The answer is YouTube.

And here's what you can do, which is really, really interesting.

When you dive into YouTube today, search for your hometown. Be hyperlocal as we call it and do this quick search: "moving to [your hometown]."

Or you do could another search, which is: "relocation [your hometown]" and see what the results are.

You might find, like I've found, in area after area, after area, after area is that there are very, very little results that include a REALTOR or zero results that include a REALTOR.

Here's the reason why:

96% of REALTORS, no matter how much we preach video to them, still refuse to do video. Which is a huge advantage.

Imagine you were parachuted in to Phoenix, Arizona, which has one of the largest, highest concentration of REALTORS in the country. I think the numbers around 40,000 realtors in that market. Imagine you're parachuted in there and you wanted to create a successful real estate business in the next 12 months. How would you do it?

Well, one way that you might do it is by engaging video because instantly your number from it goes down from 40,000 down to 1600. That's the amount of people that are using video consistently.

So let's think about you in your market.

Your market may not have 40,000 agents. So your numbers may be much better than that.

Where do you put the video and what do you do with video?

One of the best, most effective things we can all do is to focus on this concept of relocation. Build a YouTube channel that's hyper-local about your market that you serve.

For me, that would be southern Oregon, Medford, Oregon, Ashland, Oregon, Jacksonville, Oregon, Rogue River, Gold Hill. These are the areas in my marketplace.

For you think hyper-local — you could drill down into specific neighborhoods for those of you in cities, specific buildings or associations that you want to focus in on.

By doing so, you're going to appeal to so many people that are using the second largest search engine (which is owned by Google) every day to search out and scope out the areas they want to live in the country when COVID ends.

Get on top of this guys, it can transform your marketing efforts.

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