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How to Increase Your Client Pool by at Least 30% This Year


A stat from a Zillow study that came out shows that 30% of Americans have cited climate change as a reason to move in 2022.

Now, I think about that and I reflect on my own market where I live here in Southern Oregon. And I think, well, a lot of people wouldn't consider this being a climate change issue here, but it is.

You see, we've had, and we've been surrounded by fires for the last four or five years in our community. And those fires create smoke. And it creates a situation where people don't love going outside during the summer, one of the best times to be outside. Coupled with the fact that last year we had a fire rage through the entire city and burned down 2,700 homes. I had three duplexes burned down myself.

So when people have that experience, it's very detrimental. They are in fear of it. Of course they might think about moving. And a lot of people did move away because of that.

Or think about your own community:

Are you a place where people may be exiting because of climate change or maybe moving into because of climate change? And if that's the case, how are you gonna benefit from that as a REALTOR?

So what you might think about in that framework is:

Am I positioning myself as a relocation specialist for my market area? Am I looked at as somebody that people can turn to if they wanna move into or outta my market?

So when you position yourself as a relocation specialist, you're gonna have to do some things:

One of them is to create hyperlocal videos about your market area. Why would people wanna move to your area if you're trying to attract people in? If you're trying to help people leave, you might position yourself as a global REALTOR, not just a local REALTOR.

That would be me talking about the fact that, "Hey, if you're considering moving to any other part of the world, I can help you by researching the market areas. I can find a great REALTOR for you. I can help you with the moving process of leaving the market here." So you can give them all kinds of valuable tools.

You also need to position yourself on your website and have relocation as a tab on your website. Start doing some SEO work around the word "relocation."

Think it through. Think about who in your market area serves Relocating people: Hotels, motels, RV, parks, storage, unit, places, movers. Are you connecting with those people? Are you networking with those people? Could those people be sending you referrals? Could you send them referrals?

There's so many opportunities when you really to start to think about it. Then start thinking about who are the companies that serve kind of the eco-friendly market.

Because this is gonna be another part of this climate change issue is people that install solar panels, people that install electric EV charging stations. Are you connecting with them? Are you starting to get familiar with that side of the business?

These things are gonna be huge in the coming years.

And as a REALTOR, if you get ahead of this curb, you're gonna be ahead of the marketing and you're gonna be able to speak to people where they want to be spoken to. And this is where they are thinking where heads are at right now in 2022.

30% of Americans have this on their minds.

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