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Unlocking Opportunities with your Social Media CRM


You are sitting on one of the best CRMs on earth — but you probably know that.

Facebook is absolutely your best CRM on earth. And then Instagram comes second and LinkedIn is third.

All of these social media platforms give us an insight into what's happening in people's lives.

Now how do you use that information? A lot of us just get up, drink our coffee every morning and scroll through social media meaninglessly. But you don't actually look at it as a CRM.

I want you to look at your social media differently. Look at it like it's a CRM Strategy Feed.

That means, I want you to look for "life changes" — meaning new jobs, new babies, retirements, and college graduations. Or people that are sick or going on vacation. There are many different scenarios where people have life changes — even divorces and engagements.

There's so many different life changes that people go through and today it's all public. Every single thing is public.

Now, when you see an opportunity, it's a chance for you to send a direct message to them when appropriate (maybe avoid divorces). But a lot of times there's an appropriate way to send a direct message. You don't want to send a publicly posted message — just directly message your friend, make contact, and have a conversation.

Remember: You want to elevate all your relationships to friendships — and you do that by being human and authentic with people and reaching out to see if you can help.

Now you can put some funny twists on your message. And I'm going to give you a couple of funny twists to make it more engaging.

For instance, if you saw somebody that got engaged you might say:

"Hey, congratulations, you're engaged! So are you going to be moving into his bachelor pad or is it time for a new house? I have some time today to show you both homes."

So you're making light of it and being ironic is always fun.

Another message that goes along with this example is:

"Hey, now that the courtship is finally over, we can finally get down to the important stuff like where you're both going to watch TV together for the rest of your lives. Call me today and let's start searching for your new home."

Now, what if someone has a baby on the way? I'm going to give you a couple of new baby messages you can use. A fun one could be:

"Hey, congratulations! You need two things now: a truckload of diapers and a new house to put them in. Let's start looking for your next house today."

And the last one is:

"Hey, congrats on the new baby! How about a new house to match this growing family? I have a great one at XYZ Street." (And then you put your address.)

These are just simple ideas but will help you think more in line with direct messaging people based on life changes.

I guarantee it will open up opportunities for you if you start looking at these social platforms, not as a waste of your time, but actually as a piece of your marketing puzzle.

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