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This Ignored Target Market Unlocks a Boom for Your Business


Here's a target market right now that could be a massive opportunity for us:

We should be looking for opportunities. In every market shift, there's an opportunity. And one opportunity we're starting to see is retirement.

People are accelerating their retirement plans. In fact, the number of retirees in the marketplace is up 13.7% in the third quarter of this year.


A lot of people just don't wanna face the challenges of recessionary markets and things happening, and that's out of their control. They just want to exit and enjoy the rest of their time, right?

So when you have a retiree, by definition, a lot of times what they do is they want to downsize. They wanna scale back their lifestyle, so they can afford the retirement. And we're seeing this a lot with empty nesters and just people that are ready for the next phase of their lives.

So these retirees are perfect target audience for us in that they're probably likely gonna be scaling back their house, and moving into a different property that's less expensive to maintain.

So think about this in your marketing. Go out there, look at the demographics in your market, and you can actually go into systems out there, propertyradar.com, redx.com, and identify target areas where, how long people own their homes, and the demographics around how many people are living in the home, age groups, and all kinds of things can be targeted.

And then you can go after them as a marketing strategy and hone in on these retirees.

Another strategy is to go and look at your retirement communities in your marketplace. So retirement communities are a great boon because every retirement community has a salesperson or a sales team.

And if you go out, reach out to those folks and say, "Hey, listen, I've got a lot of people that are gonna be coming up to that retirement age soon. I'd love to come tour your facility, see what you have to offer so I can get some brochures from ya. Just learn more about what you're offering. And by the way, if you've got clients that are reaching out and they still need to sell their home, I'd be loved to be a resource for you on that side as well."

Create a relationship with four or five retirement villages or communities in your area, and start getting some of those referrals going back and forth. It can unlock a massive advantage for your business.

Have a great day, good selling.

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