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The Power of Reciprocity: How to Build Stronger Relationships and Close More Deals


How many referrals did you send out last week to your favorite vendors in your market area? If the answer for most of you is a big fat goose egg, here's the problem:

The problem is you gotta put into place the power of reciprocity.

You start pushing out what you want to receive. Give, give, give, and eventually things will start coming back to you. It's just a natural thought, reciprocity.

We give because we want to be grateful and generous, and we know eventually good things will come back. But when you're not in that mindset of having abundance and you're closed up, you're not ready for opportunity. You have to open yourself up to opportunity by being the person that provides opportunity to others.

When you're out in the market, you're listening for opportunities to help people in your sphere of influence, people that you can help with their small businesses and what they're trying to get done in their lives. When you do this, your world will turn on its head. It will instantly change your trajectory with your business.

If you want to start receiving referrals match them up with how many referrals you're sending out. If you want three referrals a week? Send out three referrals. Better yet, send out six referrals. Even better yet, send out 10 referrals. You will start to get it coming back to you over time.

But do it out of a sense that you know this is the right thing to do because you're living in a place of abundance.

I hope this gets you fired up about thinking about what you can actually get done with your business and the ways that you can power up your business and take yourself to a-whole-nother state.

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