The 1% Factor - Tapping Your Five Points of Power

Have you ever heard of the aggregation of marginal gains? I hadn't either until I read a story about the British cycling teams winning the Tour de France. They never won the Tour de France before 2010. But their new coach, David Brailsford, challenged them to look at everything they're doing — even the smallest things — to see if there was a way to improve it.

They started with the typical things you'd look at like their diets and exercise programs. But then he went a step further — and started looking at the pillows cyclists were using, the exact time they fell asleep and woke up, their daily routines and more to give them insight into their overall training system.

They figured out that even a 1% increase in any area of efficiency would aggregate marginal gains and finally create wins.

You can do the same thing in your real estate career. You have so many different avenues you're managing, but just getting 1% better in each of these areas can create big wins for your career.

Especially when you focus on the "5 Points of Power" — which are 5 areas to focus on that will make the biggest impact in your career.

I want you to rate yourself from 1-10 in each of the following areas:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Advising Clients
  3. Sphere Management
  4. Service Delivery
  5. Organizational Systems

For most of my students, they say they're between a 4-7 in most categories — nobody says they're a 10 on everything. So if you're not a 10 on everything, you have an opportunity to improve your business.

Focusing on these 5 key categories in your business creates massive success.

Today, I'm going to give you a little snippet of coaching for each of these 5 categories.

1. Lead Generation

One key question you need to ask everybody you come into contact with is, "What is your housing situation?"

And then let them talk.

Next, ask them about their dream home. You could say, "If you could live anywhere in any place in any kind of home, what would that look like for you?"

These two simple questions will create opportunities that you can't believe.

2. Advising Clients

Right now, we're in a frenzy market where everything sells almost instantly. But this market will change and you'll have to get back to advising sellers about what it'll take to sell their home. And some sellers get greedy and want to overprice their properties. You can easily reign them in by asking this question:

"Do you want to list the property or do you want to sell the property? Because there's a huge different between the two."

3. Sphere Management

You need to have your CRM open every single day. And when you're making calls to your Sphere, here's the magic:

You take notes about each conversation and then you flag for next contact. You're going to add when you're going to talk to them again and what you're going to talk to them about.

4. Service Delivery

You want to make sure you're ahead of the client when a listing launches. And when their listing launches, you want to send your clients all the relevant listing links and ask them if they see any red flags about their listing.

This puts you in a partnership so that you're working together — so you don't have an adversarial relationship if your client finds anything wrong with their listing.

5. Organization Systems

You can slice up your entire business like a loaf of bread — and create a system around each slice that you want to tackle and improve. This is how you create predictable success that you can replicate and scale.

You can't scale if you don't have systems.

One quick example is to write down 5 things you should do every time you meet a buyer for the first time. Once that's written down, you've created a system that you can scale.

Doing this in every area of your business will create transformational effects for your business.

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