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3 Questions You Must Ask as The Delta Variant Surges


Hey guys, with a Delta variant really starting to surge across America, it's coming back into the real estate conversation.

So I've got a couple of questions that you need to be asking clients. And a question you need to be prepared for if your clients ask.

So the two questions I want you to start asking (or thinking about asking) are these:

1. Would you prefer that I wear a mask?

So when you're working with a buyer, you need to start asking this question. Would you prefer that I wear a mask when we're talking? Some of them will say yes. Okay. Maybe most of them will say yes. It depends on your market area, right? It depends on the demographics. And what's going on in your market area. Remember, this is not a political conversation. You're not getting into a debate. You're just offering a service that if they feel more comfortable, you put a mask on.

If you're taking a listing, you might want to ask this second question:

2. Hey, would you like me to use a COVID questionnaire?

And you'd just ask the buyer a few questions before they enter the house to make your clients feel a little bit more comfortable.

Some people will say yes, some people will say no. But we were using these questions in the beginning of COVID if you remember. And we kind of got faded away off of that, but now this could be coming back as something that sellers may want to have to feel comfortable and safe when they're showing their home.

The third question you have to get ready to answer is this:

3. Have you had a vaccine?

If you can't answer that question, you might have a problem. And you've got to do it in a way that's not political.

This is really something that's super important for all of us to master right now. And you might answer if you haven't had one yet that you haven't had one YET. That could be it.

And just leave it at that. They may not question you, they may not. But you need to have a nonpolitical answer to that question.

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