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Podcast #28- The #1 Focus of Six-Figure Real Estate Pros (it’s not what you think) w/ Rick Carruth and Juan Carlos Barreneche

podcast podcasts Jun 25, 2021


Join this incredible podcast featuring two of the most powerful thought leaders in real estate today Ricky Carruth and Juan Carols Barreneche. During this fast moving conversation we explore #1 Way to Grow Your Business and How to Stairstep Your Success to Achieve Phenomenal Results. This conversation dives deep into lead generation, client management, target marketing, email marketing, and how to tap the incredible pent up seller demand about to be unleashed on the market. We also talk about moving past mental roadblocks that can create self doubt and self sabotage. Both Ricky and Carlos are in the trenches working with buyers and sellers daily - so this is a no holds barred, real world conversation from two agents that are walking the walk and talking the talk. This is a can’t miss episode!


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