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Podcast #61- Protecting Your Commissions and Presenting Buyer Representation Agreements Featuring Beth Matthews


With the NAR Settlement now in place it is critical for real estate professionals to be able to explain their value proposition, build trust and rapport, explain the benefits of buyer representation, and be confident in their abilities to talk about commissions. Join the conversation as Beth Matthews, a dynamic Real Estate Sales Professional and owner of Envision Real Estate walks us through her teams approach to talking with buyers and sellers, and the next level her team is implementing to ensure they only work with truly committed buyers!

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Should You Consider Starting Your Own Podcast?



Should you have your own podcast?


It's a powerful tool to boost your influence and authority in your local market. By focusing on your niche, you become an expert and build authority over time.

Another benefit?

You can connect with influential people in your community. Create a list of top movers and shakers and invite them to be guests on your show. It's a win-win—you'll elevate your podcast's status and forge valuable connections.

Podcasting is straightforward—all you're doing is asking questions. Make it easy for your guests by providing a list of questions beforehand. Trust me, they'll love the opportunity to share their insights.

The best part?

You can repurpose your podcast content across different platforms using tools like Opus Pro and It's seamless and helps you reach a broader audience.

As for the cost?

It's super affordable. Platforms like Buzzsprout make hosting a breeze, and services like Fiverr can help with...

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Podcast #60- Building a Tribe, Marketing, Negotiating, and Creating a Sense of Urgency with Dr. Yaniv Zaid “Doctor Persuasion”


Known to the world as "Doctor Persuasion", economist, realtor, mediator and attorney Dr. Yaniv Zaid acts as a business consultant to government departments, private firms, and public organizations. He holds a PhD in law and utilizes his rich knowledge and experience to help others achieve success. Dr. Zaid is recognized worldwide as an expert in the fields of public speaking, marketing, sales, negotiation and persuasion.  He is the author of 11 best seller books - including "Public Speaking", "Creative Marketing" and the "Sales Bible".

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Podcast #59: Building a Team and Scaling Your Business w/ Michael Hellickson

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Podcast #58: How to Master Social Media Featuring the GOAT – Jeff Pfitzer (Host of Lab Coat Agents)


Jeff Pfitzer has become a Video & Social Media Expert through his execution & results. A real estate & mortgage Leader, Influencer, and Industry Veteran, his focus in the real estate business has evolved into business development through coaching, teaching, and hosting industry events to bring value to the real estate industry with the goal of elevating brands through video & social. This expertise has led to the co-founding of several platforms, including Drunk on Social, Business Video School, and Real Estate Mastery Pros. Jeff is the host of the Lab CoatAgents podcast and co-hosts the Social Genius podcast with Tristan Ahumada. He consults and collaborates with numerous real estate industry companies and was labeled as a top 30 video Influencer across the USA & Canada by BombBomb.

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Podcast #57: The Do’s and Don’ts of Adding a Property Management Arm to Your Real Estate Brokerage Featuring Danielle Remley


Danielle Remley is the owner of Sterling West Property Management, a company that manages 700 doors and has won numerous awards in its community. During this episode Danielle will outline how she built the company using cutting edge technology, a quality over quantity philosophy, mergers and acquisitions, and a commitment to providing tenants with a trusted partner they can count on. With numerous real world examples, she provides a hands-on overview of what works and what doesn’t when running a successful property management firm. This is a can’t miss episode for any Brokerage owner who would like to expand into property management.

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Podcast #56: Embracing Technology to Build Your Brokerage Brand Featuring Caroline Hobbs


During this episode of the podcast listen as Caroline Hobbs provides deep insights into how using cutting edge technology can be the ultimate differentiator for real estate companies and agents.  Caroline is the visionary founder and Chief Broker of Reward Realty. Her team brings unparalleled commitment and tech proficiency to Silicon Valley's real estate scene. Her journey started in 2008 at a national franchise where she mastered database management. In 2013 she addressed agents' system management challenges by establishing Reward Realty as an entity that reflects her passion for real estate and technology.  Join us as Caroline outlines her cutting edge strategy!

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Podcast #55: How to Crush Your Goals and Expand Market Share in 2023 and 2024 w/ Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith is a real estate living legend and someone everyone should listen to (oh and by the way he just had his best month ever in real estate)! Selling 48 homes in his first year, he since sold 7000 homes been voted 30th Top REALTOR in America by the Wall Street Journal, and is ranked in the Top 1% of Realtors/Team Leader in the World. He is the Founder and Host of the GSD Mode Podcast. This episode is packed with specific strategies on ramping up both your listing sides and buyer sides. We go deep into team management, lead generation, scripts, social media marketing, and the way real leaders are adapting to our changing market.

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Podcast #54: Creative Financing in Real Estate Investing with Chris Prefontaine

Join Jim as he interviews Chris Prefontaine, a real estate professional and investor. He has been in the real estate industry for over 31 years. Chris is the Chairman and Founder of Smart Real Estate Coach, a Four-time best-selling author, a Forbes Business Council Member, and a 2x Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Company focusing on transforming W2 employees into creative financing real estate investors, with over $100 million in transactions completed.

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Podcast #53: Building a Culture of Excellence ft. Cole Harvey


Join us for a captivating conversation with Cole Harvey, a seasoned Real Estate Broker, as he shares his insights on building a successful brokerage, effective recruiting and retention strategies, and fostering a thriving company culture. With a proven track record in residential sales, investment properties, luxury estates, and distressed properties, Cole's expertise extends beyond transactions. Don't miss this episode as Cole delves into the keys to building a strong brokerage, cultivating a loyal team, and creating a positive work environment. Gain valuable insights and practical advice for establishing and growing your own real estate company.

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