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How To Land New Buyers (and Referrals) with One Simple Social Media Post


How old were you when you moved out of your parents' house? And how old were you when you purchased your first home? New information from the National Association of REALTORS shares the latest data with us on the averages in the US. The average age of someone leaving their parents' house today is... drum roll... 26 years old. And the average age for them to purchase their first home is 34.

So I'm gonna challenge you. Put this out on a social media post and ask that question:

When's the first time you moved outta your parents' house? When did you buy your first house? You're gonna get a ton of responses. Then answer the question yourself like I did recently, and I got a huge response on this, and my answer was, I moved out at 17. I bought my first house at 19.

Then you might dig deeper and say, what's preventing you from taking that next step? If you have some people say, well, I'm not a homeowner yet. Get into that conversation. Be the educator. If you can help people get on that path of homeownership and understand the process, the steps they need to take to become a homeowner, they're gonna be much more likely to be your clients for life. And more importantly, refer you to all their friends who want to do the same thing. And a lot of times it's just education. Some people just don't know the process. They think they gotta have 20 or 30% down. They think their credit score isn't good enough. They don't understand the income requirements, the debt-credit ratio issues. And what they need is for you to hook them up with a great lender that will give them a path to success and say, "Hey, listen, if you can get to this point A to B, to C to D to E to F, we can get you to becoming a homeowner."

And then you just follow up and you stick with them, and you stay with them and help them achieve that American dream. When you talk to people, almost everybody wants to be a homeowner, it's just a question of how do they get there. So if you can help them get there, you're gonna be their hero. And believe me, they will refer you as their hero to everybody that they know.

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