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How To Land More Referrals By Having Simple (and fun) Conversations


If you're looking for a way to quickly ramp up your business—if you're having a little bit of a slow time, or even if you're not—and you want to lead generate in a simple, easy, and organic way, let me give you the 20 messages a day strategy.

The 20 messages a day strategy is very, very simple.

I'm gonna use my social media account. You can pick your one: Instagram, Facebook, wherever. I'm gonna go to my friend's list of my following, my group, my audience, and I'm just gonna pick 20 people. And I'm generally just gonna start at the A's and work my way down. Or start a Z's and work my way up.

But I'm gonna click on each individual profile of those 20 different people. I'm gonna find something interesting, something they've posted that really catches my interest. Maybe they went to a restaurant, they went on vacation, they went to a certain business that you frequent, they bought something super cool, whatever it happens to be.

Then, I'm gonna send them a message related to their recent experience. Maybe they went to a play or had some fun outing. And I'm gonna talk to 'em about that, like this:

"Hey, I saw you [purchased, went, experience] [this]. How was it? I'm very curious. It looks like a super amount of fun. I'm thinking about doing something similar."

Just get into conversation. Don't talk about real estate. Just get into conversation. Get into flow with them about what's going on with them, what's important in their lives.

By doing that, the power of reciprocity—one of the most powerful techniques to influence people—will kick in. Not because you're forcing it, just because it's natural. People will say what's going on with you? And you can talk a little bit about what's going on with you and your life and your real estate business. And it'll just lead to conversation.


People refer friends. Friends refer friends.

And what you're trying to do is elevate relationships that may be down here just kind of bubbling up to here where they think, "Hey, you know what? I like Jim. I like doing business with that guy. I like the way that guy operates. I just enjoy talking to him. He seems like a cool guy."

And then they hear the words real estate and refer new clients your way. That's the way that top producers operate.

They have a system that they're working. It's organic. It's authentic. And they really care about people. And what happens is people start to refer them because they're reaching out and they're just having conversations.

Think about how many conversations you're having every day. If you want to have more transactions, more closings flow from the result of more conversations.

Conversations = closings

So that’s the 20 messages a day strategy. Just try it for the next five days, 20 messages a day. So it'll be a hundred messages in a week. And then tell me what the results are.

I'd love to hear how powerful you've made this system work for you. And what you have received as a result of doing this simple process.

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