All Top Agents Have THIS — Do you?


How are you incubating leads once you've captured them? One of the best strategies you can have is having an email marketing campaign.

What a lot of the top producers in the country do is they use Constant Contact or and these are systems that are super easy, point and click, that you can build an email newsletter and send out. Some people use BombBomb if they wanna do a video version of it.

But all of these are email related. Now, why wouldn't they just do social media where it seems like all the action is well?

Remember when you do a social media post, that's only gonna be in front of maybe 2 to 4% of your audience.

You're not gonna have a hundred percent of your audience receiving the message. But with the email marketing, literally a hundred percent of your audience receives your message.

So that's a huge advantage, right? And that's something that we can use.

Now not of 'em are gonna open it, but certainly they're gonna all receive it and have an opportunity to open it, unlike social media. So really it should be a combination of both: Social media and email marketing.

Now, one thing that we'll get a question on often in our coaching platform is when should I be sending emails? Well, statistically Fridays, shockingly, are the best day for clickthrough rates. And then best time of day is between nine and noon for the best open and click through rates.

So take a look at that. Look at your strategy, look at what you're doing, and maybe start to schedule around that kind of approach.

The other thing to remember is that email marketing allows you to be in complete control of the content that you're putting out.

So one of the highest, most viewed content is videos. In fact, there's a 90% higher clickthrough rate on video than anything else. So we can still embed video into our MailChimp or Constant Contact platforms.

Now to do that, a lot of you are gonna have to open up and create a YouTube channel. It's not complicated and it's free. That way, you can have a click for somebody to click it and then be linked over to the YouTube channel so they can watch the video.

BombBomb, which is another great system, has their own embedded video storage area. So you don't have to create a YouTube channel.

So pick the system that works for you, but do something. And commit yourself to being somebody that's sending out these email newsletters at least once a month. But I would like to see you do it at least twice a month.

If you want to model the most successful agents in America, this is one thing they do. And it's super inexpensive — pennies on the dollar compared to the other types of marketing that you're doing in the marketplace.

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