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2 Overlooked Opportunities Most Real Estate Agents Miss


Hey guys, I want to share two real estate opportunities that many agents are overlooking:

The first opportunity is targeting the most likely seller in America - baby boomers aged 45 to 55 who are downsizing or right-sizing their homes.

According to a recent study, 10.4% of all listings will fall under this category.

Now, when these baby boomers downsize, their current homes may need some repairs or upgrades. Many of them may not have the money or the desire to fix them up, and that's where you can come in.

Reach out to these homeowners and ask if they would consider selling their homes without having to do any repairs or upgrades. Let them know that you are working with buyers who are willing to put some sweat equity into the property. This messaging will resonate with many of these sellers who are looking for convenience.

The second opportunity is to capitalize on the decline of iBuyers in the market.

Many iBuyers have gone out of business or significantly reduced the number of purchases they are making. You can take advantage of this by creating your own "iBuyer program" with one or two investors in your market. The key is to sell convenience.

Identify properties that are on the market or could potentially be on the market where the homeowners have deferred maintenance. Contact these homeowners and offer to buy their homes for cash without any fees or showings. Let them know that they don't have to do any work to the house, and you will take care of everything. You can even put these investors under a buyer brokerage agreement where they pay your fee.

To make this work, you need to build the box of what these investors are looking for - market rate, price limits, square footage requirements, etc. Then, go out and identify these properties through mailings, calls, and emails.

You will find opportunities and have people who want the convenience of not having to put their properties on the market. And when the investors eventually resell the property, you will get the listing.

These are two opportunities that most agents are overlooking in the real estate market. If you open up your blinders and think outside the box, there are plenty of opportunities out there.

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