Why a Video Bio Virtually Eliminates All of Your Competitors


Hey guys, quick question:

Do you have a video bio?

If you don't have a video bio, you could be missing a massive marketing opportunity.

96% of agents are still resisting video. That means that there's a massive opportunity for those agents that are willing to embrace it.

By doing a video bio, imagine that you are a consumer and you're looking at 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 agents on an agent roster. Most of them have the old glamour shot. But you have a video bio. Who's more likely to work with you?

Almost everybody.

Almost everybody's going to click on that video and watch you and give you a shot. They'll give you an "at bat" so you can hit a home run. Instead of just looking at pictures and making a decision, they can actually kind of get to know you a little bit, your personality, your style, and your flair.

And here's what you do in that bio:

You're going to talk about your background, your passion for the market, your passion for real estate, and why you're in this industry.

You want to find ways to connect with people — by talking about your family and your hobbies if you're comfortable with it. You want to make yourself feel like a person and a personality that people would like to resonate with.

And you must be authentic — that's the number one thing.

Being authentic is the best way to actually create connections with people.

Now, where do you put this bio once you record it?

First, your bio can be 30 or 60 seconds, but shorter is generally better with a video bio. You shouldn't go over a minute and certainly shouldn't go over two minutes.

But once you got this built, you can put it on Zillow, Realtor.com, your franchise website, your personal website. Look for as many places as possible. Put it up on Facebook. Put it on Instagram if it's under the minute timeline. Put it up on Tik Tok if you're on Tik Tok.

Put it up everywhere you can — there's no reason not to. Your clients will love it. And people that don't know you yet will love it too because they're gonna be able to get to know you a little bit better.

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