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Pre-listing Letter + First Person Perspective: A Twist on Traditional Marketing

marketing scripts Sep 20, 2020

Most of us have sent a just-listed/sold/pending postcard to a neighborhood. These can be an effective way to touch more potential sellers and unlock new listings.

But what if we had a different twist on this traditional marketing approach, that is more effective? Here are two different techniques which may dramatically improve your results: 

The first is a pre-listing letter that you send out before you launch your next listing. Let's assume your sellers have given you permission to put their home on the market but strategically you are doing a coming soon campaign so you have a few days before the listing goes live in the MLS. This is a perfect time to do a pre-listing letter which will say something like:

"I will be marketing a new listing in you neighborhood in the next few days. As a courtesy I wanted to let you know will see some some increased activity. Also because I've done a ton of research in the area I thought I would reach out to you and offer my services. If you have ever considered selling or have just wondered what you home is worth I have some great research on the neighborhood that is very interesting. I will be in the neighborhood several times in the next week or so - happy to stop by for a quick chat and I can give you a copy of my findings."

Side note don't tell them which neighbor is listing their home as this may create another reason for them to call you as it may spark their curiosity.

The second area to be creative when taking a new listing is to use a first-person approach when launching the listing in the market. The first-person approach is when we speak from the viewpoint of the clients. In other words, we might say, "Hey, we listed our home with Jim at ABC Real Estate and we're so excited to have the house on the market."

Or if you're working with the buyer you can say, "Hey we worked with Jim at ABC Real Estate who helped us purchase our first home in this neighborhood, we're so excited."

Or you could say "We just invested in a property using Jim at ABC Real Estate. We're excited to be buying our first rental."

Or you can say, "We have a new address at 123 Johnson street because of Jim. We're so excited."

People are much more likely to read a mailing that is written from the perceptive of an active client.  Why? Because it's not coming from a salesperson it's coming from the client themselves. Great twists, different approach. 


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