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This Script Creates a Perpetual Wealth Building Machine (For Both You & Your Clients)


What's more important than the interest rate you're paying on a home?

It's the price you're paying for a home, obviously.

So when we're talking to our potential buyers, this is something we should be talking about with our social audiences, our sphere of influence, our farm areas, and really beating this drum that they need to refocus their attention on this idea that prices are coming down. And we have some real opportunities in the market.

The way we're gonna frame that up is gonna say:

"Hey, listen, a lot of people get really focused on interest rates. But I want you to start looking at price because some smart buyers that I know, some savvy buyers are really starting to get out there and find some incredible bargains. There's really two areas that I like to talk about with all my friends that I think are huge opportunities.

One of them is luxury housing. There's a 38% drop in the last quarter of 2022 in luxury home sales. Biggest drop we've seen since 2014, by the way. So today, smart, savvy buyers are coming in there and they're getting some incredible, incredible bargains.

So what they're doing is they're selling their homes in the mid-tier market, still getting a pretty good premium. And then they're moving up into the luxury market where those folks are facing, you know, a lot of pricing pressure and really dropping those prices. So they're really scoring some incredible deals. In fact, they're getting way better deals than they would've paid last year or even a year before or the year before that. And they're able to buy homes for less than what you can build 'em for. So it's like you're just getting this incredible bargain for these properties.

The second area is what we call flip and holds. So even in some of the lower pricing categories, we're seeing some opportunities come up we haven't seen before. Before we had 25 investors bidding on every house, but we don't see that as much anymore. So some savvy investors are coming in, being able to pick up some properties, but they're using different strategies. They're not buying and flipping immediately because of the market conditions. What they're doing is they're buying and holding using what we call the BRRR strategy.

The BRRR strategy is this: They buy, they remodel, they rent, and then they refinance. And when they refinance, their goals are to pull equity out, and then they go out and they use that equity that they created and they buy their next property. And they do it again, creating a perpetual wealth building machine.

So, hey, listen, if you are interested in exploring what we can do to find you, maybe a bargain on the market, maybe it's a great time to buy a rental, maybe it's a great time to buy something for yourself, a newer home, talk to me. Because there's some real opportunities out there. Or if you know anybody else that you know that would like to take advantage, I'd love to talk to them too. Just gimme a call, text, or email."

There's your script, right? There's your simple script. Get out there and talk about it. You're gonna see that script below so you can actually copy paste it and use it wherever you'd like to.

So have a great day, and good selling.

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