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The “CRM Secret” to Beating 95% of Your Competitors


If I were to ask you, what is your business strategy right now? Would you be able to write it down in two or three sentences — your specific strategy and how you're approaching the marketplace?

If not, you may have an issue because you might be market-driven and we don't want to be market-driven.


Because a market is kind of a high tide floats all boats kind of situation. What happens when the tide's not with you? And you're kind of fighting the market.

That's where you're going into a danger zone. And none of us want to be there. As Vince Lombardi said:

"Hope is not a strategy."

We absolutely have to have a strategy to survive and thrive in this business.

And one of the biggest things that we should be doing every day is understanding that we have a job that probably most people don't identify with. And our number one job isn't sales.

Our number one job is data collection. That is adding people to our funnel so that we can incubate them over the long haul. Getting their permission to say yes, I wouldn't mind if you kept in touch with me about real estate, about home values, about what's happening in my neighborhood.

And when you do that consistently, that's how you're going to drive up your database size, your audience size, and ultimately, your referrals.

But beyond that, we also need to say to ourselves, "Hey, you know what? If I'm going to drive this train up and create more people in my database. What am I going to do with that information? How am I going to manage it?"

And having a good CRM system is essential. There's many of them out there.

But it's amazing to me when you study REALTORS about 85% of REALTORS don't use any kind of CRM at all!

Again, it's a hope and a pray strategy.

But CRM is essential for us to take control of our business. CRM will allow us to manage our database at a high level. We not only have to use CRM, but we have to use strategy behind CRM because a few of you have CRM, but you're not using it properly either.

So what you do with your CRM?

I'm going to give you a couple of tips right now.

If you have CRM, make sure it's open every morning when you come to work. And also make a point of calling 5-10 people a day in your CRM. Just by doing that, you're going to beat 95% of your competition.

But here are a couple of tricks:

Once you've called the person, make sure you take notes in their file. Every single call, you should be trying to uncover a nugget of data that you don't already know about the client.

That's our ultimate goal is to get closer and closer to people so that we know them better. We're building relationships — elevating relationships.

We want to elevate our relationships to friendships ultimately, and by knowing more and more about everybody we're talking to that'll help.

But here's the next stage:

When we're taking those notes, learning more about people, we're always flagging for next contact. So in our CRM, we're saying when's the next time we're going to have a call, a text, an email with these folks.

And here's how you can really supercharge your results is to find a reason to make that call, send that text, send that email, send that piece of physical mail to them.

The reason doesn't have to be real estate related to real estate. And often it's better than it's not. It's related to your conversation. Something that's meaningful to them, and it will add value to their lives.

It could be a recommendation to somebody else in the community, a doctor, an attorney, a chiropractor. It could be something you're you've recently done with your family that you're telling them they should do. Go to this local restaurant, go check out this park, go do this, go do that.

Send them a referral and let them know that you care about them as a person, not just that they're in your relationship database and you're marketing to them as a REALTOR.

Get beyond that and go to the next level. And your business will absolutely boom.

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