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The Safest, Most Stable, and Most Secure Investment You Can Make Today


Hey guys, can you think of an investment that is safe, stable, and secure in today's environment?

We know the stock market's crashing.

We know the crypto market crashed.

And we know other market assets are crashing right now.

So is there an investment out there that people can really trust?

The answer is yes.

And Americans already know this:

The most recent study shows that for the last eight years straight Americans trust real estate more than any other asset class.

Here's the question mark I have for you:

Are you out there beating this drum? Are you the evangelist about real estate to your own clients and talking to them about the fact fact that they need to diversify their portfolios, you know, rebalance their assets, and get some of that money over into residential real estate?

One of the safest, most stable, secure investments they could possibly make.

Now, how do we know that?

Well, all markets are based on supply and demand. When there's high supply and low demand, what happens? Prices rise, right?

What do we have in the asset class of real estate today? We have one of the lowest supplies in the history of real estate—less than a million residential units.

Now, yes, we're having pricing pressure, but that's due to inflationary pressure, which is causing interest rates to rise rapidly.

If those interest rates come down at all, guess what's gonna happen to the market again.

It's gonna go straight vertical.

So we have some pressure, yes, but there's some really good, fundamental reasons that people should think about diversifying some of their money into real estate.

Another one is the baseline value of real estate, which a lot of people don't understand. But real estate, unlike stocks, won't go to complete zero.

You buy a stock and somebody could take a golden parachute of that stock, make a billion dollars, and bankrupt the company at the same time.

That can't happen in real estate.

There's a couple reasons for it:

Number one, they're not making any land anymore. So land has a baseline value. If the place on top of the land burns down, you still have the value of the land.

But setting that aside because that's a rare event, what you really have as a baseline value is the rental value of that property.

If you were to move out of it yourself, even if you're buying a home and you bought just a residential investment that creates a rental stream. That rental stream equates to a value that you could sell that property for.

That's the baseline value of all real estate out there.

So it's a unique investment in so many different fronts.

That's why we need to be out there evangelizing the fact that our clients diversified.

Now, how can you do this in an easy, simple way?

Send a text—maybe a video text—out to 10 or 20 people this morning or this evening and say:

"Hey guys, I'm curious as a REALTOR, have you ever considered buying a rental real estate investment?"

When they say yes, you could say, great, well what's stopping you? And they're gonna explain their "but."

Well, "but" I need to do this, that, and the other.

Then you can say, "Well, let's talk about that. Maybe there's a way we can get you past that and get you on the other side and be a rental property owner. Because almost everybody at some point has thought about becoming a rental property owner. Just a quick thought there for you because this is the time when you wanna take action."

When people are nervous in a different asset class move 'em over to real estate. They'll thank you later for it.

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