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The “Rule of Five” Trick For Conquering Your Wildest Goals


What is the rule of five? Well, the rule of five was something that author and speaker John Maxwell came up with.

And what John came up with was this idea that if you have a big task at hand, something you really gotta get done and it can seem overwhelming or just completely out of your reach, how do you make that happen? Despite what might seem like overwhelming odds?

Well, he used the rule of five.

And the rule of five is simply this:

Imagine that that goal is a tree in your backyard. And you have one tool that you can use to cut down that tree: an ax. And so you go outside and every morning you take that ax and you swing it as hard as you can, three times into that tree. And then you put the ax down, you go back inside, and you wait for the next day to come. And the next morning you do it again. And again, and again.

Now, we would all agree that eventually that tree's gonna fall down. No matter how big the tree, it's gonna topple over.

So what's the key?

The key is consistency. And that is so true for us in the real estate industry.

And here's the problem:

The problem is that we don't have somebody standing behind us, telling us to go outside and take our five swings of the tree. Because we're independent contractors, we often hold on this concept and idea that I have complete freedom over my time, which allows us to go completely broke if we're not careful.

So what we need to ingest and interject into our business is accountability. We have to be accountable. And the best thing we can do to be accountable is to understand what are the five things I need to get done every single day to figuratively and literally chop down my goals? Chop 'em down to a size and make sure that I conquer those big things that I want to get done.

So my five non-negotiables could be something like this. I could reach out to five people in my sphere of influence with a video text. That could be one.

Another one is I could write down five personal notes to people that I'm close to, or the people have touched me in some way every single day.

I could reach out to people that are advertising the fact that they want to sell or may need to sell. People like For Sell By Owners, For Rent By Owners, expired listings. Maybe I make five contacts for those kind of "now clients" every single day.

How about I follow up with five potential buyers that are in my pool that are either hot or warm buyers every single day?

What if I went ahead and followed up with five sellers that I'm currently working with just to touch base and see how they're doing every day?

And I also make a point—every single day—of sharpening my ax by spending some time, improving my skills.

Maybe I'm listening to a podcast, reading a book, or watching a video that'll help me get better at what I do.

Identify your five non-negotiables. Then go outside every morning, start every day, and win the day early by understanding exactly what it is you need to get done so you can win and chop down those trees that are in your way to create the success you deserve in your career.

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