The “REI” Secret to Beating Inflation


Lawrence Yun was recently quoted as saying, "If you are under the age of 40, you have never seen inflation this high in this country."

The inflation rate in November hit a record 6.8%. That's the highest we've seen in decades.

So when we look at these numbers and everybody's talking about inflation, how does this relate to estate?

It's an interesting conversation. It's something that we should talk about with our clients.

Here's the good news when it comes to real estate:

Real estate is a tremendous asset and a hedge against inflation. That's why last year, we saw a record number of people investing in real estate. In fact, it was the the highest recorded ever. The percentage of homes purchased was 18.2% were sold to investors.

One reason is they're using it as a hedge against inflation.

So here's what's happened according to Lawrence Yun. He says that real estate has proven to be a good hedge against inflation. Some examples:

In the 1970s, during one of the highest inflationary periods of this countries ever experienced, the average inflation rate was 7.1% per year. At the same time, home prices outpaced that with an average of 9.9% gains, which means they were outpacing inflation.

Other decades have followed similar patterns, including the 1980s, where we also saw huge levels of inflation.

So this pattern, this market will no doubt be exactly the same. For those folks that are investing in real estate, they're gonna be able to beat inflation. And that's a good thing.

So think about that when you're having conversations with people who are worried about inflation. You might say:

"Well, how are you gonna hedge yourself So you don't go backwards during this economy? One of the best things you can do is to buy some homes, buy some residential investment properties, and that's a great hedge against inflation."

Have the conversation. Maybe you send an email or do a video about this topic and why real estate investing is so important during an inflationary market.

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