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The “Quarterback” Secret for Making Buyers Happy to Pay Your REALTOR Fees


I've got a hypothetical scenario for you:

Imagine a buyer walks in and says, "I want to buy this specific house. We've found it online and want to pay you directly. Convince me why your fee, whether it's 2%, 2.5%, 3%, or whatever you charge, is worth it. What value do you offer beyond finding the house?”

Remember, they've already found it. This is crucial for buyer representation. Let me share some ideas about this, drawn from my experience teaching the Accredited Buyer's Representation (ABR) class for NAR for a decade:

Let me guide you through building value. When working with buyers, start using this language: “You know, finding a house is surprisingly straightforward. My real work begins once we've found the house.”

It's crucial to show that the house hunt isn't the challenge; anyone can do that.

Then continue:

“But what I do is special. Here's what I do: First, I conduct thorough research on the house. I delve into the seller's purchase history, how long they've owned the property, their home improvements, and mortgage details. Tax history, permit records, utility costs—I'll present you with a 12-month average. I'll analyze neighborhood trends, good and bad, so you're well-informed before negotiations.

“I'll also interview the seller and their agent to pinpoint their motivations and key negotiation points. I'll help you negotiate the deal, secure the best terms and incentives, and provide a comprehensive 360-degree view. I'll oversee the transaction, managing inspections, repairs, lenders, and title companies. An average transaction involves coordinating with about 12 to 15 parties, and I'll quarterback the entire process, ensuring a smooth journey to closing. While there might be bumps, rest assured, I'll be running the show behind the scenes.

“I'm even planning to create a buyer presentation, walking clients through each step I just explained, so they grasp the value I deliver. I want them to recognize that partnering with me means receiving exceptional, enthusiastic service.”

This level of service inspires them to refer friends and family, becoming my ambassadors. But it's essential that I market my services effectively and emphasize my unique value. I can't be seen as a commodity. If I'm just another agent, clients could pick anyone randomly. I refuse to be that. I stand out by saying, "Here's what sets me apart. Here's my uniqueness. Here's the value I bring."

This challenge resonates with REALTORS across the country and will likely see changes soon. We need to prepare mentally and strategize for the evolving landscape of buyer representation.

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