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Real Estate Agents: Supercharge Your Success with a Real Estate Resume!


Hey guys, do you want to be a little bit more assertive, not aggressive, but assertive in your market? Let me give you a technique, a tip, and I love this idea. It came from one of my coaching students, and that is the idea of a real estate resume.

So, you are interviewing for a job when you're working for a buyer or a seller, and how many times in the real world, when you get a real job, you have to turn in a resume almost a hundred percent of the time. But what if you just become proactive and you create a real estate resume and you give it to everybody in your database? And you say, "Hey, I'm accepting new buyers and new listings for the spring market coming up, and I just thought I'd give you my real estate resume that you can share with your friends and family about my background as a realtor and my qualifications to help them with all their real estate needs. Here's a copy of it. Feel free to share it with your friends and family."

Brilliant idea, right? And we can get a real estate resume put together pretty easily, where it highlights all of our achievements on our awards and the things that we've accomplished and the education that we've done and the memberships we're a part of. And we can make ourselves look really, really good on paper. And that's what we want to do. We want to pump up and push up this incredible resume that we all tend to have as realtors in this industry, especially for those of us that have been in the business a little bit longer.

This is a great opportunity, but even new agents can use their other strengths from other industries that they're crossing over into this business. Push it out. Get it out in front of all your sphere of influence. Have it printed on a high bond clause paper. Make it look really, really good.

Guys, just a little quick tip there to put together your real estate resume. It could be added to your follow up after your meeting with a buyer, after your meeting with the seller. It could be a part of your listing presentation or your success portfolio. There are a lot of ways to use it very, very effectively.

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