One Brutal Question to Unlock a Massive Pivot in Your Strategy


There's one key thing that all great leaders possess: The ability to be self-critical. They're aware that they're not perfect. And that they need to change, adapt, and pivot to be more competitive in their market.

So how do you do that?

One way is to encourage brutal honesty and absolute transparency with your teams — both inside your office and community as well as outside of it.

If you're an agent, this means asking your escrow officers, lenders, and co-op agents to be brutally honest with you.

Now there's a magic question to help you do this that I learned years ago from a top producer that took her business from around $2 million a year to $10 million a year in only about two years.

When I asked her what she did to transform her business from 2 million to 10 million, she told me she just started asking this key question after every closing.

Here's her key question: "Hey, listen, I'm working really hard to improve my business this year. I really want to get better at what I do. And I'm asking everybody that's done a transaction with me to give me two specific ways that I could get better in the next transaction. And it's okay. You can be really honest with me. Be brutal. I want to hear it. Tell me the truth. What are two things I could do better?"

Now, she's not just being vague — she's asking for something specific. And she's giving people permission to be brutally honest. When you do that, people are actually going to give you constructive advice.

It's the difference between a waiter walking up to you and asking, "How was the food?" Or walking up to you and saying, "Hey, we're trying to create the best restaurant in the city. And I really want you to be brutally honest and tell us two ways we could have improved your experience today."

You're naturally going to be more honest (and specific) when you have been given permission to be brutally honest.

So who should you ask this question to?

Naturally, you're going to ask your clients. But you can go one level deeper by asking the escrow officers and lenders you're involved with. Then start asking the other co-op agents you're working with. Take in their critique, learn from it, and when necessary adapt, pivot, and change your business so you can improve your performance. 

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