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Getting Your Foot in the Door with Tough FSBOs (Try This Script Today)


Let's say you have an active, qualified buyer who wants to live in a certain neighborhood. But you've shown them everything and can't find what they're looking for.

One technique to try is to identify any for sale by owners in that market that are either new for sale by owners or what I call "legacy" for sale by owners. Meaning, people that were on the market three, four, five, six months ago, even as much as a year ago.

We give you some great techniques to do that over erealestatecoach. But then the question is, what do we do once we are making the call to these for sale by owners?

What do we say to let them let us in the door? I'm going to give you the script that I'm going to put it down below. So you have it. And if you like this script, and you'd like to see more, I can share with you where you can find more of these scripts. But here is the script:

"Good morning. I noticed you have a home for sale in Laurelwood. And just wondering if it's still available. Great. Hey, my name is Jim Remley and I'm with ABC real estate. The reason for my call is I was showing, the home over at 123 Johnson Street (you want to be highly specific) in your neighborhood yesterday. The buyers love the area, but the home didn't check all the boxes. Would you be open to working with a REALTOR if I can bring you an offer on your home? It would be a really good cash offer or a fully qualified offer. The first step would be for me to come by and take a quick look at your place to see if it would even fit my buyers."

Now they may say, well, I'm not going to list it. I'm not paying a fee. I'm not doing this, that, or the other. But this isn't the time for that conversation.

Your answer to all of those should be this:

"I totally understand. I'm not asking you to pay a fee. I'm not asking list the property. First thing I just need to know if is if it even fits my buyers or not. First thing I want to do is make an appointment for myself. Then we can get into all of those logistics later, right?"

You want to build rapport and trust first and get your foot in the door. Then you can move onto those conversations.

But right now you're just trying to set the appointment to get through your foot through the front door. And then you dive deeper into overcoming some of those objections.

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