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The For Sale by Owner Mastery Course 

Take a deep dive into the techniques and strategies for converting FSBO’s appointments into listings and how to have private sellers look forward to your follow up with this compete For Sale by Owner Mastery Course. The For Sale by Owner Mastery Course includes 8 Video Lessons paired with 14 Instant Action Downloads including field tested scripts, letters, emails, text messages, and even social media strategies to help you quickly ramp up your listing inventory. 


Are you ready to take the first step to more listings, more sales, and more closings?

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8 Powerful Video Lessons + Instant Action Downloads

Video: How to Connect with and Close FSBOs

Superstars realize that private sellers offer one of the most lucrative markets in real estate.  During this video Jim will review easy to implement techniques used by the best agents in the industry to set appointments and begin the process of incubating For Sale by Owners into listings!

Instant Action Downloads:

10 Field Tested For-Sale-By-Owner Scripts to Instantly Set Appointments and Open the Door to a Massive Increase in Your Listing Inventory!

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Video: The Helping Hand Approach

For Sale by Owners on average take 4-6 weeks to incubate into listings. To ensure you secure the listing you need a reason to stay in contact. The Helping Hand Approach provides the tools and strategies for you to stay top of mind and their first choice when they decide to list the home with a professional.

Instant Action Downloads:

21 Questions to Ask a For-Sale-By-Owner Seller to Build Rapport, Diagnose their Points of Pain, and Convert them Into a Listing!  

How to Use the Helping Hand Approach to Convert More For-Sale-By-Owners into Listings

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Video: Dealing with Early Minor Objections with FSBOs

An early minor objection is simply an objection you hear over the phone or very early during a client meeting. For many agents they can quickly end a phone call or a conversation. Superstars have learned another path. Watch and learn how to overcome early minor objections so you set more appointments, take more listings, and close more sales.

Instant Action Downloads:

How to Deal with Emotional Sellers Using the LEARN Technique and the Feel-Felt-Found Strategy

How to Master a Three Step Technique for Overcoming ‘Knee Jerk’ or Early Minor Objections with For-Sale-By-Owners 

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Video: Using Letters to Target FSBOs

The best way to contact For-Sale-By-Owners is to call them or to contact them in person. But a letter can be a powerful way to set the stage for making contact. In addition a letter can be a growth hack for agents that are too busy to make calls. Watch this video to learn Jim’s best advice for sending letters that generate results!

Instant Action Downloads:

Ten Powerful Sales Letters to Target For-Sale-By-Owners, Secure More Listings, and Automate Your Prospecting with a Massive Growth Hack

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Video: Targeting Legacy FSBOs

Many private sellers place their home on websites that serve the For-Sale-By-Owner market. Some FSBOs do this even before they place a sign in the lawn or even on a whim. This same sellers may also end up at Zillow.com. This presents an opportunity for aggressive agents. Watch this video to learn how to target Legacy For-Sale-By-Owners and open a whole new sales channel in your real estate business.

Instant Action Downloads:

A 60 Day Drip Campaign to Reach For-Sale-By-Owner Sellers and Create a Steady Stream of Listing Leads

How to Use Zillow’s ‘Make Me Move’ and ‘Pre-Foreclosure’ Categories as a New Pipeline of Leads and Listings 

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Video: Using Social Media to Target For Sale By Owner Listings

When you discover a new For Sale By Owner in your market what is your first step – to call, knock on their door, or send them a letter? What if there was another more powerful way to target these potential clients. How? Using the power of Social Media to target and contact for sale by owner listings. Watch this video to learn how superstars are securing more listings by leveraging the power of social media.

Instant Action Downloads:

Five Steps to Converting For-Sale-by-Owner Listings Hidden Inside Your MLS System and Quickly Ramp Up Your Inventory

How to Use Direct Message Social Media Marketing to Set Appointments with For-Sale-by-Owner Listings     

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Video: The FSBO Appointment

Setting appointments with For-Sale-By-Owners is actually very easy but what do you do once you arrive at the seller’s home? This is the key differentiator between agents who secure listings and agents who walk away empty handed. Watch this video to learn the mechanics of how to handle your first conversation with For Sale By Owner at their home and how to plant seeds that lead to listings.

Instant Action Downloads:

17 Page Visually Stunning Fully Customizable Listing Presentation with Scripts! 

Five Steps to Mastering a FSBO Appointment + A Six Week Follow Up Plan to Convert Every FSBO Seller!

10 Ways to Use a Vesting Strategy During Every Listing Appointment to Build Rapport and Trust 

Price Band Market Activity Scripts to Massively Increase Showings on Your Listings + Excel Worksheet

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Video: FSBO Follow Up and Becoming a Consultant

The reason most agents fail with For Sale by Owners is because they don’t understand how to close. For the untrained agent even if they make it in the front door they either try to close to hard or they don’t close at all. Both can spell disaster for the relationship. Watch this video to learn how to close like a superstar by using a consultative approach to the process.

Instant Action Downloads:

Five Steps to Mastering a FSBO Appointment + A Six Week Follow Up Plan to Convert Every FSBO Seller!

10 Low Stress Value-Added Ways to Follow Up with a For Sale by Owner (and Not be Annoying)!

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4 Extra Bonus Items When You Start Today!

Valued at $195! You get them FREE with your purchase of the Full Mastery Program!

Bonus # 1

Lead Generation Secrets of Top Producers - 90 Minute Seminar 

Watch as Jim leads his own team through 90 minutes of powerful lead generation strategies including hot zone farming, expired listings, for sale by owners, relocation, investor marketing and much more. Don't miss the rare opportunity to see Jim coaching his own superstars to build their business! 

Bonus #2
10 Cold Texting Scripts - For Sale by Owner's

52% of sellers today are first time home sellers. These sellers are most likely millennial's. Their #1 method of communication - texting! 

Bonus # 3
Make Millions Selling
Real Estate

Discover how Jim moved from being a college drop out to becoming listed in the top 1% of agents nationwide by focusing on listings!

Bonus #4
Real Estate Presentations That Make Millions

Learn the secrets of becoming a master presenter. Never lose a listing or a buyer by mastering the art of presentation! 

Learn from Current Real Trends Top 500 Broker Jim Remley

Today Jim leads one of the largest real estate firms in the state of Oregon with over $912 million dollars in sales volume a year with just over 160 active Brokers. As a current Real Trends 500 Broker leading one of the real estate firms in the country Jim has one mission - to create abundance through simplicity of action.

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Lead Generation Secrets of Superstars - 90 Minute Live Seminar

10 Cold Texting FSBO Scripts 

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Real Estate Presentations that Make Millions 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is very few agents in any market target For Sale by Owners consistently (in general less than 1% of the agent population). So by embracing this market area you instantly eliminate 99% of your competition. The agents that do focus on For Sale by Owners often approach sellers without a plan to follow through or a system to build value. By using the For Sale by Owner Mastery system you will have a key advantage. 


On average For Sale by Owners have a 4-6 week incubation window, so timing is everything. This is the time between them placing the home on the market themselves and the time they list the home with a real estate professional (remember 9 out of 10 will list with an agent). Depending on when you contact them in this cycle - listing can begin flowing very quickly. 

Yes, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Here is how it works if after watching the 8 Lesson Video Series and downloading all 12 Instant Action Downloads you don't feel we have delivered a complete system for targeting For Sale by Owners send us an email and we will refund your investment. 


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